Sunday, April 01, 2007

AP: Chris Wallace Challenges McConnell on Americans United Ad

Mitch McConnell was forced to respond to the Americans United for Change ad campaign on Fox News Sunday this morning after Chris Wallace showed a clip from the ad in which Mitch McConnell claims "an unequivocal victory."

A $200,000 ad by Americans United for Change hit the airwaves the day after the Senate sent a signal that it wants combat troops out of Iraq by next March.

"It's not exactly Berkeley that they chose to try to kick off an anti-war campaign. I don't think it works in the Bluegrass state," McConnell said.

As Howard Fineman points out, McConnell is not exactly in touch with the military families of Ft. Knox and Ft. Campbell who are growing tired of their Senator being "the President's strongest supporter on Iraq." Maybe this is a little indication of why his approval rating is in the 40's.


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