Sunday, April 01, 2007

Republicans Funny-So Funny

The Right-Wing anthropods of the Media Research Center had their 20th Anniversary Gala the other night, where they "make fun" of liberal media celebrities. What did this particular group of resentful, paranoid bed-wetters have to say, well here are some of the highlights:

Neal Boortz-who looks like Sen. Larry Craig after getting beaten with an ugly stick-on Olbermann: "MSNBC's answer to a relief tube," and a "void surrounded by a sphincter muscle." On Bryant Gumbel: An "arrogant little jock-sniffer" and an "obtuse mindless person."

Neal, who writes your stuff? Or did you conceive it, perhaps, while rolling in a jello pit with Gannon, Sanchez or Foley?

G. Gordon Liddy: "You are honored by the enemies you have. I can safely say that one of my enemies is perky Katie Couric."

Well then you should be honored by the penal system, you law-breaking, Kojak impersonating half-chewed gum on my shoe. Why are you at national events and not still in jail again, scumbag?

In accepting a large pointy award for Rosie O'Donnell, the Wheel of Fortune's Pat Sajek explained, "I don't know if she has room for this, but I'd be happy to take it over to her and show her where to put it."

Who are you again and why do I care what you think? I bet you'd like to stick the award there you has-been, permanent face-lift. It would probably be the best offer you've gotten in the better part of a decade.

More examples of great conservative humor, like that crappy Fox show. At least Dennis Miller is still on Monday Night Football, isn't he :)


At 6:18 PM, Blogger GottaLaff said...

What class, what panache, what...what...WHAT????!!!

That is not humor. It's not even hum-AN.

What it is, is pathetic.


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