Sunday, April 01, 2007

Wallace catches McConnell Hypocrisy on Video

Mitch McConnell was clearly shocked today when Chris Wallace actually challenged him with a June 16, 1996 video when McConnell said:

"I think the testimony obviously ought to be sworn testimony. And we ought to go all the way into this and take as much time as we can to reassure the American people that this sort of thing’s not going to happen again in the future."

Wallace then asked McConnell whether the same standards that applied to Clinton White House aides should apply to the Bush administration.

UPDATE FROM CLIFF: Please go read Howie Klein's hysterical take on McConnell and why he's such a practiced liar. It has something to do with a closet and "My Old Kentucky Hom(o)," but I'll let Howie fill you in.


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