Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mr. McCain's Priorities

John McCain's cool with missing a vote on his war, but he'll make sure to lecture South Carolina students on how abstinence is the only way.

Unless you're John McCain, it's the 1970s and you're cheating on your then-wife with your current one.

But who has time to quibble over details when you're too busy-a-straight-talkin'?

Shining A Green Tinged Light On The News.....

Military Asks "24" Producers To Stop Promoting Torture

In fact, Finnegan and the others had come to voice their concern that the show’s central political premise—that the letter of American law must be sacrificed for the country’s security—was having a toxic effect. In their view, the show promoted unethical and illegal behavior and had adversely affected the training and performance of real American soldiers. “I’d like them to stop,” Finnegan said of the show’s producers. “They should do a show where torture backfires.”

Wonder why Net Neutrality is so important? The Agonist Spins a Tale.....

Questions That Should Be Asked

I wonder if the U.S. government has ever asked the Iraqi government the following question:

If the war started between U.S. and Iran, on which side the Iraqi government will be?

Who knew the Pope was a dinosaur. (Frank Gaffney Smackdown Deluxe)

I can't grab the video, so go to Crooks & Liars to see Colbert take Fauxs' Steve Douchey to town over trying to take away Helen Thomas' pressroom seat.

Major Kudos to my fellow Bloosier John Good on catching this..

KSFR says NO to unnamed source stories

After the recent widely-publicized stories in the main stream media about weapons from Iran allegedly killing Americans in Iraq, based completely on unnamed sources, at least one smaller news outlet has had enough of it.

Bill Dupuy, the news director of the public radio station KSFR in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has directed his staff to ignore national stories that quote unnamed sources. He also challenged other news outlets to take the same stance.

PUNKS. All 5 Reps that parroted the "Slow Bleed" meme on the floor yesterday, well, they are just f***ing punks.

If only their rhetoric matched their voting record. In October 2003, as insurgent violence in Iraq was growing and military equipment shortages were becoming increasingly problematic, Rep. David Obey (D-WI) proposed an amendment shifting $3.6 billion to pay for better equipment and other quality-of-life measures for U.S. troops. Not one of the five voted for it.

That’s a real recipe for “slow bleed.”

Just to add a bit to Cliff's post on Dangerstein's posts. First, I find it hilarious that he cannot stop trying to attack the netroots. He has consistently tried to portray them as an albatross to the Democratic cause, even after the election. Danny boy, go ask any political consultant or staffer, or even officeholders, who is more of a problem for the Democrats - Lieberman or the Netroots, and see what they say.

Second, he continues to amaze me in his circular logic. He attacks the netroots in general for their hostility, lumping all their statements together, then he says this

"It also goes to show just how deeply most liberal bloggers believe that Republicans and conservative are morally illegitimate, and as such, any criticism or argument made by the other side is on its face corrupt and dismissible. If it is said by Catholic League President Bill Donohue, who has a history of controversial statements himself, it automatically becomes invalid, no matter the inherent integrity of the underlying proposition."

Uh, Danny, couldn't the same thing be said about you and your hatred of the Netroots?

Bottom line is, Dan helped elect the one man who does more on a day to day basis to undermine the Democratic Party than anyone else not named Rove. And yet he consistently attacks those who tried desperately to build a winner in 2006 and beyond. The Netroots might not be perfect, but they certainly offer a whole lot more to the Democratic party than Lieberman, or Dan Gerstein for that matter.

NOTE FROM CLIFF: That great post on Dangerstein was the work of the very talented Paddy, not me. She gets the credit.

Friday, February 16, 2007

The modern GOP is so filled with lunatics, sometimes any satire I could dream up just couldn't compare to the real thing. Witness, for example, the powerful Texas state legislator who thinks the Earth DOES NOT revolove around the sun.

Yeah, um, that "theory" espoused by that wack Copernicus was just a Jewish conspiracy to discredit the Old Testament. I don 't know whether to laugh or cry.

But please, for the love of all that is America, will someone bitch slap this man!?!

My Weekly AMERICAblog Piece

The Week That Was 2/16/07

Another week, more preposterousness to report.

Ok, can we put aside the Bush junta-inspired mendacity eruptions (slightly different than Bill Clinton's "bimbo eruptions," in that mendacity eruptions actually end lives) to try and ignite war in Iran with those shady forces who are responsible for only 8% of the attacks on American soldiers in Iraq.

I know this will give the good Reverend John Hagee the kind of stiffy most of us could only pull off after a quart of Viagara mixed with Hillbilly Heroin--or as it is now known in bar-speak, a Limbaugh with a Haggard twist--but for the rest of us, can we shout from the rooftops "Enough with the fraudulent war justifications!"

Haven't we all learned from the last public relations rollout for a war of choice? Well, not David Brooks. But he's dumber than lead paint on Lindsay Lohan, so what he gurgles up out of his craven esophagus is of no consequence.

Yet, for those of us living in the strange land of lucidity, can we please all get this very simple message out before we experience Neocon Debacle II: Electric Boogalo

1) Over 90% of of the attacks that are killing U.S soldiers in Iraq are SUNNI inspired. They are, like, a whole different group of people than the Shia, Mr. Bush. And supported by your three-minutes-in-the-closet friends and financial benefactors the Saudis.

2) 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia, not Iran.

3) Bin Laden - yeah, Saudi not Iranian (and still at large, why is that?).

4) Say 'hi' to Bandar Bush for us.

5) Saudi Arabia, not Iran, was one of the three countries that recognized the Taliban-led government in Afghanistan--yeah that one.

6) Tell you brother to lay off the Thai hookers.

7) Saudi Arabia sought nuclear weapons, and may still be doing so.

So does all that compute Mr. Bush? Iran has some very bad men in their leadership, true. But they don't begin to compare to your friends, the Saudis. Not that you ever cared about going after the real enemy.

Oh, yeah, and it's "nuclear" moron.

Liebermans' Right Hand Guy Says Bloggers Are Teh MEAN!!!!

And loud, and they curse and make fun of people!! Oy.

Dan Gerstein writing for an ever declining Politico

Nor did they ever stop to think how hollow and hypocritical it sounded for the same people who ravaged George Allen, for his “macaca” moment in last year’s Virginia Senate campaign to cry “free speech” when confronted with a far more nasty, vulgar, and hurtful display of prejudice from two of their own.

Instead, right until the bitter end, most liberal bloggers responded in their familiar mode – by lashing out at their critics and trying to marginalize them. This was, in their eyes, purely a manufactured controversy by the “right-wing smear machine” and a cynical attempt to silence and marginalize the Netroots.

First Danny hun, George Allen was a CANDIDATE. Melissa & Amanda were gonna write PR posts on a blog. Hmmmm, you see a difference here? I know I do!!!

Second, where's the outrage over the man behind the "Call Me" anti-Ford ads working for McCain? Or any one of the many other fringe employees for Republican candidates?


Because it is Dan, it really truly is.

And let me quote myself from the comment I left at Politico on your article.

And hey!!
Whatever happened to that lawsuit about the Lamont people "attacking" your website? If you're not smart enough to set up a decent website for a senatorial candidate, I'm not paying attention to the rest of the stuff you claim to be an expert on.

Update 8:21p EST

Heh, jackasses.

The editors over at Politico are so thrilled they got some hits over the Dangerstein article, they've posted the best of the comments.

Hey Politico, let me explain this for you...


Amigos, amigos donde estan............

This whole scenario is darkly comical - George was a little late when playing up the conservative American Enterprise Institute for the need for more allied troops in Afghanistan; Canada has been bemoaning the lack of NATO support in Kandahar for weeks.

He's trying to get support after playing allies against each other to cover up use of European airspace for those naughty little kidnapping "terrorist" extraditions we've became so fond of the last few years. Seems the allies have had enough and are looking after their own self interests. Italy and Germany (they're allies, right?) have arrested Americans, many ex-CIA agents, and even the Swiss (ok neutral, but dammit, they better not stop exporting Toblerone) are investigating.

last I checked, they are democracies - I wonder if they'll have any trouble gaining public support for troop increases.....then again, I'm sure a draft here at home could muster up the troop strength

we could always ask our neighbors to the south (who knows, maybe Honduran troops have been the ace up the Administration's sleave these last few years), but we haven't paid much attention to them, except for speaking out against democratically elected leaders we don't like.

David Brooks is such a self-righteous reach-around I don't know where to begin.

Shorter Brooks: There is something wrong with "liberal Democrats" (oh no, you half-gestated, right-wing character from a Woody Allen movie, please don't call me that! Anything but that!) because he is an idiot, has been wrong about everything in Iraq and we think he should, you know, admit that he's been a fuckin moron.

Our bad.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ho hum...Bush is lying about Iran again.

Why does he even try? Doesn't he know that Sean-Paul knows all?

I apologize for the light posting today folks. My parents are in town to see the grandson. And I am having computer problems.

And btw thanks for all you new folks for coming by. You wouldn't be able to tell the last two days by the piece of **** site meter here, which has stopped counting twice in two days. But we started off in the low hundreds a few weeks back when I was only doing this now and again.

By last week we were routinely getting 1-2 thousand visitors a day. Hell, yesterday, we got almost 900 people and site meter was screwed two-thirds of the day (it was shut down during almost all the peak hours, we got those numbers at night and early in the morning), making me suspicous we were easily on the road to 2-3K visitors.

So it ain't Kos numbers. But as Paddy spruced the place up and BC and Mike checked in, traffic has gone up a good 600 or 700%. In like two weeks. So thank you everyone!! And we aim to keep pleasing.

Unless you're Rush Limbaugh. Then go sit on a vial of oxycontin and twist.

Rep. Tom Davis is an arrogant ass. Really, there's no other way to put it.

In the latest edition of Roll Call (subscription required) Davis, a congressman from Northern Virginia, muses about retiring from Congress, both last cycle and this year. Why is he staying in office, you ask? Could it be solving key issues like Iraq, entitlements or the budget deficit?

Nah, Davis is staying around because he doesn't want a Democrat to take his seat. Nut Graph

“I think had I left last year, which we contemplated doing, [the seat] would have gone. I don’t think there’s any way you would have held the seat last year, but I don’t know that in 2008 we couldn’t hold the seat with the right candidate,” he said, adding that his leaving would depend greatly on his confidence that a Republican will take the seat.
“I haven’t made any decisions on anything at this point, but if I were to leave I’ll make sure we had a strong candidate lined up,” he said. “I’ve spent too much time building majorities as campaign chairman to just desert this seat.”

He's making $160K a year, in a job that he clearly is bored of, but he won't go because he doesn't trust his constituents to replace him? Again, I repeat - he's an arrogant ass.


Conservatives once again so funny. Cannot. Resist. Temptation. To. LOL.

Must be why Ben Stein is sought after by eye-drop industry for ads.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I Love It When Wingers Visit

We learn this morsel from the cerebrally-malignant Sharon, in response to my earlier post on the Dixie Chicks, Carter and Gore:

All this proves is that (a) the Grammies weren't about music but about politics (the Chicks have said they aren't country anymore) (b) the Oscars aren't about movies but politics and (c) the Nobel Peace Prize is a joke. Lots of nice symbols for the left, but ultimately meaningless.
Thanks for stopping by Sharon! You are today's winner of spot a paranoid conservative loon!

And yes, Sharon, the media and Jews control the world and Bush performed well on 9/11 and the Tooth Fairy is real and black helicopters from the UN are coming to get you tonight and Ken Mehlman is straight.

That clear it all up for you? Good.

Before Cliff starts lobbing missiles at Indiana, both of these are ONLY available on YouTube, and both of them deserve more play than they are getting.

Rep. Murphy is a star. THESE are the faces of our new Democrats. They speak with truth (and in Rep Weiner's case, snarkiness) on their side.

I read the transcript of Rep Murphys' speach earlier, and it made me tear up.

For your consideration.

For once, I give advance warning!

I will be on The Bill Mazer radio show today at 3PM EST. You can listen if you get WVOX in New York, or go the the site for the live stream.

In 2004, the Republican convention handed out "flip-flops" (oh those wacky Republicans) to make the ever changing stances of a Massachusetts politician, John Kerry. Wonder how those same folks feel about Mitt Romney.

The Boston Globe points at that Mass. Governor kicked off his campaign in Michigan, where he was born. It also points at that in the 1990's, Rmney claimed residency in Utah. One guy, three home states. And those guys said Hillary was a carpetbagger.

As you also may have read, Romney has also repeatedly changed his position on key issues, like choice. Every Republican who said you can't trust John Kerry because you don't know where he stands ought to say the same thing about Romney. But I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for intellectual consistency (or honesty) from the right.

So my beat-on-Republican videos from MSNBC were taken down by YouTube.

If you kill American soldiers, however, it appears YouTube is the choice locale for your most exquisite scenes of carnage.


Have I said recently that YOUTUBE SUCKS.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

This is REALLY exciting!!!

The Spotlight Project

The Spotlight Project examines the media, the role it plays in politics and the public discussion. More importantly, The Spotlight Project enables individuals to communicate with the press and media.

Blogs are changing how we discuss our world. At the very time that many news organizations are losing readership and cutting staff, the Internet in general and blogs specifically, are growing at a phenomenal rate.

In easy peasy Paddy terms... You read a blog diary. You think your local political reporter on channel BFD should know about it. (Or Frank Rich at the NYT). You click on the Spotlight link at the bottom of the post... and MAGIC!!!

You are transported to a list of all available media in the USA.


You are transported to a list of all available media in the USA.

How many times have you read something on a blog and thought, "F***ing media, they never cover this shit!!!" and "If Mike Isikoff knew about this....".
Well, now YOU can tell them!!!

Demonstration Page

It is an incredible idea and Mark the fantabulous man who thought it up deserves all the kudos in the world!!! Check it out, and rec it to your favorite blogs. It is FREE, but if you dropped a coin in Marks' cup, he wouldn't bitch.

Really, I'm serious, go check it out.

All Mark asks....

* Please be polite and reasonable. We don't want folks to get angry
and up-in-arms over a bunch of ad hominem attacks.

* Since it's a serious tool that could have a profound effect as we
try to re-shape the dominant narrative with key opinion makers,
abusing it could not only lessen its effectiveness, it could
neutralize it completely.

* Praise is just as important - if not more so - than criticism.

Game the **** on.....

Technorati Profile

Over the last few weeks, Andrew Sullivan has been heavily pimping for Rudy Giuliani on his site. Sullivan seems to feel that Giuliani is best equipped to handle the present situation, both abroad and domestically. His main concern is that Giuliani couldn't get through a Republican primary because of his liberal policy stances.

Giuliani is pro-choice, pro gun control, and pro-gay rights. He is also a twice married admitted adulter. It seems far fetched to think that he could get through a Republican primary. But if he does, I absolutely look forward to hearing the twisted, BS rhetoric of the right trying to explain how someone as liberal as Rudy Giuliani ought to be President, after years of saying that no one with his liberal credentials and lack of moral fiber should occupy the White House.

War Drums Quicken

More evidence that European governments are being softened up for a potential US strike at Iran

Javier Solana, called the most powerful person in the European Union, has released an internal paper to EU members saying Iran will have enough enriched uranium to make a bomb, and that UN embargoes and economic sanctions have not worked.

This from a guy who apparently, as a member of the European Union, misled the European Parliament during their investigation of CIA "terrorist" rendition overflights:

"The president of the committee investigating the flights, Portuguese MEP Carlos Coelho, accused the EU foreign policy Chief Javier Solana of omissions and not telling the entire truth about the CIA rendition. "Mr.Solana said he knew nothing about it. He clearly knew," Coelho told reporters, adding that the Council 'tried to lie to the European Parliament'. "

all very comforting...............


Can't write right now. Sides about to burst. Conservatives so witty and creative. Must be why Dennis Miller still on Monday Night Football.

The Weekly Worst In McCain

We--the humble folks trying to give you an accurate view of The Real McCain--summarize, because you're just too darn busy to keep up with every McCain flip-flop, sell out or new principle:

* John McCain's new best friend is Trent Lott. Mind you, McCain is "in favor of racial equality," even though he lets a man send out emails on his campaign's behalf who thinks that Strom Thurmond would have been a fantastic president back in 1948. Oval Office addresses delivered in a white sheet and the African-American female staffers all running for cover. Yup, that sounds like the America we all want to live in.

* An Iraq War veteran, Leonard Clark, has filed papers in Arizona to have McCain recalled. He is taking this step because he is sick of his comrades-in-arms getting killed because of McCain's political considerations. As Clark put it, this is "John McCain's attempt to fight Vietnam over again."

* John McCain decided that Jerry Falwell is just too damn liberal. He needed to take things a step further. So he is now sucking up to the beyond-insane Revererends Richard Land and John Hagee. The former spends much of his day thinking about how to target homosexuals for discrimination in every facet of their lives, and the latter openly wishes for nuclear Armageddon in the Middle East. Ahh, Double-Talk McCain, you "principled maverick," you!

* Wouldn't you know it, John McCain is a hypocrite when it comes to his signature issue of campaign finance reform. He has taken money from people who bankroll the very independent expenditure groups he claimed were evil, from lobbyists with business before the Commerce Committee--on which he sits--and he will likely opt out of public matching funds for the presidential race. So he can spend as much money as it takes. But then again, what would we expect from someone who was knee-deep in The Keating Five affair?

We hope you've enjoyed The Weekly Worst In McCain. If we can make any promise to you, knowing John McCain's willingness to do anything to become president, it's that we'll be back next week!

Steve Benen cites a Stu Rothenberg political report saying Dems have a good chance of reaching 60 seats in the Senate in 2010. I have, on occasion, taken umbrage at what Mr. Rothenberg has said (like when he pretty much dismissed every Dem who opposed Lieberman as crazy).

But what the hell, I like predictions like this. And if you look at the fact that the Dems just went through their worst cycle, in terms of the number of Dems up for re-election vs. Republicans, and that the vulnerable list of GOPers goes on and on for 2008 (Collins, Smith, Coleman, Warner, Dole, open Colorado seat because Allard is a chickenshit, Hagel may leave his seat open running for prez or by retiring), I think he may be onto something.

Also, I am of the same mind as my pal Joshual Holland (and, of course, thank him for giving The Real McCain a serious plug). If things don't massively change in Iraq, there is going to be an electoral bloodbath the scope of which we haven't seen in a generation in American politics, based on this issue alone. A realignment, I think, towards anti-war progressives (and pro-war Dems will NOT be immune).

The pajama-clad warrior class in Congress hasn't seemed to catch onto this yet. but then again, they are always the last ones to catch onto anything.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Earlier, Cliff linked to a post urging Democrats to set up a counter to the Republican smear campaign that we know is coming for the '08 contenders. The problem is, it can be dificult to counter the lies of the right because they have no sense of decency when it comes to slandering Democrats.

The latest low point comes from the editorial page (and I use that term very loosely) of The Investor's Business Daily. In the piece, they rehash all of the charges against Barack Obama's militant islamic background, only to dismiss them. But then they call his current church radical and afro-centric (I see black people!). In the end, the page despicably asks if Obama would "petition on behalf of one group and not necessarily for the greater good of the country." In other words, a black man might help just black people instead of everybody (are you sufficiently scared yet?). God help us if Obama picks a white woman as his VP (I can just see the ads, a sort of Willie Horton meets Mandingo script).

Will The IBD editorial page take a closer look at Mitt Romney's Mormon church, or examine Opus Dei meetings of Sam Brownback? Of coure not. And left-leaning publications shouldn't do so either, because attacking the religious beliefs of an individual is vile, and basically unAmerican. Which is why countering the Republican slime machine will be more difficult than we think, because its hard to reconcile our ethics with their lack of decency.

Romney and Ford sitting in a tree.


Douglas Feith, one of the brilliant architects of the Iraq mess, employs the "Swedish Penis Enlarger defense."

Which you know kinda makes sense, if you've ever seen a chickenhawk in the locker room after practice.

Dixie Chicks win. Game, set, match.

They sweep the Grammies. The Dunce of Kennebunkport goes down in history as easily one of the worst three presidents, making his dad look the second coming of FDR in comparison.

Now let' see how he feels when Al Gore wins a Nobel Peace Prize and Academy Award in the same year and The Decision-Making Decider scores a free trip to the Hague.

UPDATE: Wow, it turns out former President Carter also won a Grammy in the "spoken-word category." So now he has a Nobel and a Grammy. I think it's safe to say that George W. Bush will never win an award that has the word "peace" or phrase "spoken word" contained in it.


Iran, Pakistan, I mean what's the difference?

Except one was closer to bin Laden but we want war with the other one.

PS It's nice to know Sean-Paul knows more about weaponry than our government (more likely definition: They Lied).

Sunday, February 11, 2007


We have new "stuff". LOTS of new "stuff".

RSS Feed- To the right of the screen you will see 4 options.

RSS is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated digital content, such as blogs, news feeds or podcasts.

Users of RSS content use programs called feed 'readers' or 'aggregators': the user 'subscribes' to a feed by supplying to their reader a link to the feed; the reader can then check the user's subscribed feeds to see if any of those feeds have new content since the last time it checked, and if so, retrieve that content and present it to the user.

In Paddy friendly terms it means... you click over there, fill out some stuff, and the RSS will send any new posts from here direct to your email, yahoo, aol, or google accounts. Easy peasy... but you'd be missing the scintilating conversations in the comments, eh?

If you look at the bottom of each post you will see 3 things-Digg & are similiar.

Digg is a community-based news website with an emphasis on technology and science articles, recently expanding to a variety of other categories such as politics and videos. It combines social bookmarking, blogging, and syndication with a form of non-hierarchical, democratic editorial control. News stories and websites are submitted by users, and then promoted to the front page through a user-based ranking system. This differs from the hierarchical editorial system that many other news sites employ.

In other words- your Auntie Mabel is a little "politically challenged". You set her up with a Digg or Del. account and when you read something interesting, you follow the link to put the article, post or whatever in your "account". Then when she gets up in the morning after the bender, all she has to do is click on her account in the morning, see what YOU are reading. Voila!!! She knows everything now, and can go back to bed!!

I'm still working on the Spotlight link (I'm tired and cranky and don't want to mess it up), but I left it there as a placemarker, and I will explain it tomorrow.
If you're curious, it's here-The Spotlight Project.

It is SUPER DUPER cool... and the guy who runs it is a saint!!

What Jeffrey Feldman says. Brilliant idea, in my humble opinion.

My Weekly Americablog Column

The Week That Was 2/9/07

Another week, more preposterousness to report.

I think there should be a new edition of All The President's Men. In the case of the Bush Administration, however, it would have to be more accurately dubbed "All The President's Stepfordized, Retro-Moronic, Disgustingly Dubya-Enmamored, Bizarro-Betty Friedan Women."

Think about it for a minute. Former White House Communications Director/stand in for Sasquatch Karen Hughes thinks "God" is mentioned in the Constitution and is about a decade from "normal."

Condi Rice refers to Bush as her "husband" at cocktail parties and gives the evil eye to Nancy Pelosi at SOTUs for not standing by her man. When she is not busy, of course, hanging out on "ladies nights" (I use that term loosely) with the nominee for worst nominee for the Supreme Court in the history of the Republic: Harriet Myers (although with Myers now in Bush-retirement, will Condi have to hit the Hung Jury alone?).

Remember how legal eagle Ms. Myers was the "most qualified," person for the Supreme Court according to the Dunce of Kennebunkport?

Reality check Mr. President: She is slightly less qualified than Anna Nicole Smith right now.

Then there was the spectacle of dreary-voiced, Tammy Faye Bakker-faced, snarling little Bubonic-rat, Mary Matalin going on Imus to explain away how court testimony in the Libby case revealed she hates Chris Matthews--and coming off on the program like she just shared a speedball with Ted Haggard to celebrate his completion of hetero boot camp (he's cured! Bless the Lord!).

But the one who takes the cake, or in her case the political equivalent of The Golden Rasberry (how about The David Duke?) is that WATB, self-flagellating lover of internment camps everywhere, Michelle Malkin. Sadly for Michelle, her book on the plight of Japanese-Americans during WWII is not just theory. Michelle's had to live with the fact that her IQ's been locked away in an internment camp for the better part of her existence.

Most recently, Malkin, whose dictionary definition could not be more spot on, has been one of the "unhinged" idiots trying to get Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan fired from their jobs on the Edwards Campaign. Now that she failed, much like she failed to write a book best read without having crayons handy (and perhaps scissors for ocular mutilation), she'll probably go back to her day job of trying to top Ann Coulter (when we all know she's really a bottom).

Oh, my Michelle. Of the Minutemen, she spittles with glee that they are "the mother of all neighborhood watches."

Well, sure, on Kristallnacht perhaps.

Maybe that's why when a legislator in Arizona threatened to ban them, they behaved like this:
One wanted to kick me in the uterus until I couldn't have children. Others have all kinds of really lewd and awful threats. There's not even this shared respect for another human being that you may disagree with.
Nice people, all. Much like Michelle's friend and colleague from VDARE Steve Sailer, who thinks white people are smarter than pretty much everyone else (um, that would include you Michelle, however hard you imagine you're really Ann Coulter, and click your heels three times to try and get into the kind of country club that wouldn't have you), and put together the usual right-wing, pseudo-scientific piece of Hannity to try and prove it.

So go out for ladies night sometime, Michelle, I hear it's lots of fun. Especially when members of the Aryan Nation show up and get down to "Play That Funky Music White Boy."

This may come off as blasphemy, but I support the latest idea of Joe Lieberman. I want him to propose a "war tax" on the floor of the Senate.

I wrote a few days ago that Democrats need to make Republicans take tough votes, and none would be tougher than a vote on a war tax. Republicans would either have to vote to increase taxes (you might not have heard this, but Republicans generally don't like to raise taxes) or they would have to vote against funding for the troops. They would have to choose between their so-called ethos or their b.s., Hannityesque flag waving rhetoric. Basically, a damned if you do (unless your Ted Haggard) or damned if you don't scenario for the Repubs.

Yes, I know Lieberman isn't doing this to put Republicans in a tight spot. But in addition to crimping the style of the GOP, it would force most Americans, who have sacrificed little, to either ante up more for this effort or finally get the government to shut it down. So go on with your bad self, Joe (I'm pretty sure that will be the last time that phrase gets written on this site).

Well, folks, not sure if you have been in the receiving end of the Copyright Nazis at YouTube. But it is ridiculous, and they are out of control. Many of my videos (try clicking on the ones on this page, some work, some don't) are inaccessible.

Money is political speech and protected in this world of ours, but my political speech on a video clip of a television program apparently is not. We're in Bush's big government world now, and there's a word for it: Censorship.

BTW I still have the videos that were uploaded as does PoliticsTV. They are scrambling right now, but I'll talk to them about hosting them once things calm down. Or, I'll get more bandwith on this site. They'll be available, I promise.

Otherwise, all I have to say is YouTube has jumped the shark. I hope we have an alternative soon for our original video, because I hate to keep using them at all now. They deserve to go down for this.