Saturday, January 27, 2007


Sorry I have been a little light on the posting folks. Busy busy.

First, if you missed it, my weekly AMERICAblog satirical piece, Cliff's Corner.

Second, I am happy to announce, that in partnership with my good pal and all-around fantastic guy, filmmaker Robert Greenwald (and his awesome staff at Brave New Films), I have started a blog to track the doings of currently right-wing, flip-flopping suckup John McCain (I was only blogging for half a dozen sites, and that is just not enough!). It is called The Real McCain, and can be found at If you go there, you can also find Robert's new short film showing what a debased man-of-no-principle McCain is. Robert will be coming out with a series of these short films.

Finally, you may have seen me bitching here about book-proposal writing over the past few months (I know, I can be a serious pain in the arse). Well, I finished about two weeks ago. And, thankfully, got a book deal late last week. It is on, well, this should shock you after that last paragraph: John McCain. I'll let you guess what you think the tone will be :)

In any case, I have a crazy deadline, as it absolutely has to come out before the primaries. So, in the next month, I will be adding one or two friends as bloggers here, as I may have some times when I simply can't post.

I promise I will try to blog as often as possible. And I hope all you guys stick around here. I think we have built up a pretty cool little community (Kos is quaking in his boots about our impending takeover of traffic, ya know)...

Friday, January 26, 2007

So how do you really feel oh wonderous RedState?

You guys are funny! I know you're not trying to be. But you still are. And I thank you.

The Right's Field has the goods.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ho hum, normal day. Ya know, Republicans were bored so they tried to eliminate the minimum wage. Completely. For everyone.

Read more about compassionate conservatism at its best at Bob Geiger's place.

The good folks at Firedoglake have a chat going on with Connecticut Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Chris Dodd.

Dodd is taking a hard line against our involvment in that war which inspires orgasmic epilepsy in the other Connecticut Senator--you know Droopy the Yapping Fabricator-but this is not out of character, as Dodd has been a pretty solid progressive most of his career.

He is not getting much ink right now, but I am a fan, and think he would serve us well as president. Again, this is not an endorsement, but he's in that group of folks I would consider.

Go check it out.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Great Cheney interview with Wolfie.

Feel the contempt oozing from his epidermal tissue, the pus seeping out of each of his four stomachs, the mucus membranes protecting the vast midruff, the sclerosis...well you get the point.

Cheney's a fat, greasy fuck who doesn't like being questioned and actively contemplated eating Wolf's meatier parts.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee just officially told Bush his Iraq plan is retarded.

The final tally, 12-9, with Chuck Hagel joining all Democrats, and Norm Coleman, a man who may have to have a picture of himself put in the dictionary next to flip-flop (also used car salesman, yeast infection, moron and douche bag), voting for Bush after all his bs to the contrary.

My friend Matt Browner-Hamlin, who was kind enough to write such nice stuff about little old me at Daily Kos and set up that new Televise That Scmuck Schecter site (that would have been my choice, if I had been asked), has a great post up at his blog on Giuliani.

He rightly uses Giuliani's own bs talking points on "leadership skills" (like having the foresight to locate your terrorist HQ in the only site in New York to have previously been hit be a terrorist attack in 1993, so it was demolished on 9/11), showing the contrast between his strong support of Bush and his supposed guiding principles to being a "leader."

Not only does Bush not possess any of these skills, he is mildly retarded after all, which I thought Giuliani would find to be somewhat challenging when trying to "lead."

In any case, it's obvious Giuliani is only sucking up to Bush because he needs conservatives, no matter that he is socially liberal (if utterly contemptible in most other ways).

Then there is this to explain.

Yes, that is the Mayornator, believe it or not.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The General (JC that is) had some advice to share with Joe Lieberman when deciding how much honk to give W. at the SOTU tonight.

Really Cool

A friend of mine, Matt Browner-Hamlin, who blogs here and here, and is one of the more talented bloggers I have come across, decided to set up a site. It's called Televise Cliff Schecter. He is putting up a petition and poll to try and get me a tv show.

I honestly had nothing to do with it. He emailed and told me about it, and asked if it was ok. I said sure. Very very cool. I am flattered. Well if that were not enough, he wrote a diary for Daily Kos, and with an assist from my pal Mike Stark and our very own, very awesome Paddy who are like Gods over there, it has been recommended.

I don't know what to say but thanks everyone. Oh yeah, and one more thing.

Suck ass during SOTU tonight Bush!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Great article by my friend Zach Roth of the Washington Monthly on public financing of elections, and how it is not only the right thing to do, but would be in Democrats' interests politically for a number of reasons (won't have to kowtow to corporate types, hits a GOP funding base, can actually look in the mirror without seeing Ken Lay's corpse, etc.).

On a related note, it is amazing to see in so many instances that certain Democrats cannot seem to pick up a history book and have any clue about the power of issues like this to appeal to people in a populist way (I'm talking to you Ben Nelson, who can't even find a populist position on this ridiculous war, even though people are overwhelmingly against it). Sell public financing as anti-corruption and anti-corporation, and you'd see how well it would do.

Too many Democrats are still mired in the culture of Reagan/Gingrich/Bush, afraid of there own shadow and scared of being called liberal on economics, war...almost anything. How the hell do they think Medicare, Social Security, etc. ever passed if people did not support programs like this, and if Republicans could not be linked to corruption like Ann Coulter and genital warts or Mark Foley and The Goonies?

My good pal Mike Stark, who you may remember as the guy who got former Sen. Macaca Allen on the record claiming he had never used the N word (luckily that didn't backfire for Allen), was on Reliable Sources this past weekend with Howie Kurtz.

I think Mike held up quite well, considering it was the usual two against one (one of his opponents, of course, being constrained in his intellectual capacity by belonging to a party of in-breeds).

This kind of crap would be why I cancelled my subscription to the Washington Post about a year ago.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Here is the finished product from our conversation over at Firedoglake today.

It was a lot of fun. I hope to be back there hosting again soon.

Ok, for some of you smarty pantszzz out there, this is supposed to be a link to my appearance on Al Jazeera, the English version, today. Umm, I can't make it work.

If you can please let me know what the hell you did, because I'm, um, kinda slow.