Monday, July 23, 2007

Typical GOP MO

Over at the Daily Dish, Marc Armbinder has a look at Mitt Romney's strategy for the next few weeks. It consists roughly of slandering Democrats, regardless of the merits. Key graph

On health care, Romney will try to damn Barack Obama with faint praise, saying this weekend that "at least Barack Obama had the "courage to admit that his plan means higher taxes." He also jumped on Obama's remarks last week at a Planned Parenthood conference that it was OK to teach age-appropriate sex ed to kindergarteners, a characterization that Obama said masks the more nuanced reality of his record.

Though the media counter-attacked, pointing out that the Massachusetts sex-ed curriculum under Romney included plenty of non-conservative teachings, Romney's campaign professed to be pleased by how conservative activists responded to the controversy. They dismissed the attempts to bring attention to Romney's ideological evolution as unsound. But this weekend in New Hampshire, Romney again made the contrast, suggesting that the campaign believed the comparison was sound.

In other words, the Romeny campaign wasn't going to let the facts get in the way of a good criticism. The only side seemingly hung up on being accurate or at least intellectually honest are the Democrats. And the only way that will change is if voters punish Romney for being intellectually dishonest.


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