Monday, July 23, 2007

Other Fun GOP Numbers

Paddy covered George W. Bush's now officially having the support of exactly a quarter of the American public. In other words, he's now envious of the good feeling out there for The Bubonic Plague. And Here are some other numbers, from a Zogby poll asking who people blame for specific problems, that must make those GOP consultants equally sanguine:

War: 62% blamed Republicans vs. 14% Democrats

Global Warming: 56% blamed Republicans vs. 10% Democrats

Prejudice: 52% blamed Republicans vs. 22% for Democrats

Poverty: 49% held Republicans accountable; 29% Democrats

Corruption: 47% blamed Republicans vs. 31% Democrats

So, um, nice job Bush & Co. Pretty promising numbers, no? Perhaps they're what make people suspicious that you amoral lunatics must be up to something not quite aboveboard (that and 100 other pathologies you've displayed), as otherwise we're looking at 1932 again for your party (it only took you 40-50 years to fully recover from that).

As a bonus, here's Bill Maher on The Duke and Duchess of Hazard (sadly he came up with that joke, not me):


At 11:25 PM, Blogger Paddy said...

Great clip. Love Bill.


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