Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Behind the Headlines...

Bush Would Veto New House War Funding Bill Inner thoughts of Baby Bush: "Waaaah! NO! They won't get their way! I'm the boss of them!!!" ::stomps foot:: "NONONO!!!" ::throws himself on floor, fists and feet flailing:: "MY WAY! Congwess is MEAN! And BAD! They hate our troops! Waaaah!! I wanna do the war MY way, MY WAY!! Lotsa guns and stuff! Go boom! Let 'em die! I'M THE COMMANDER GUY! Mommy? Daddy? Grampa Dickie? Make 'em stop! What does 28% mean? How many more minutes 'til 2009? Are we there yet? Are we, are we? I need to tinkle! Mommmmmyyyyyy!"

Cheney Makes Unannounced Visit to Iraq Inner thoughts of Shotgun Darth: "I better keep this under wraps. The way they feel about me back home is bad enough, but here, I'm a sitting duck. Gotta sneak in. Shhhh. Where's my body armor? HEY! I said, 'Where's my ****ing BODY ARMOR?!!' Step on it!! I gotta show how ****ing swimmingly things are going here!"

A New Pitchman and a New Pitch NRCC Chief Tom Cole has a plan to help the GOP win back the majority in the House in 2008. ... The good news, Cole says, is that things can't get much worse. (Okay, I can't top that. That's his quote. I just italicized it.)


At 1:02 PM, Blogger Paddy said...

My inner mommy wants to lock Bush baby in the basement with a bucket and a box of saltines.

At 1:02 PM, Blogger Mary Ellen said...

I wonder if Cheney will get hit in the head with a box of candy while he's there. I hope it's rock candy...really heavy rock candy.


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