Saturday, April 07, 2007

The waterfalls at Glencar Lough. Go see the whole gorgeous picture.

I'm so excited!! Sitting here waiting for the Comcast guy to show for my HI SPEED INTERNETS!!! Man, I'm gonna be all freaked out, I'm sure.

Finished The West Wing last nite, I've been watching the DVDs in order over the last month or so. Yes, I cried. (Yeah!!! C.J.!!!)

Dumbasses never learn. Go read the excuses they made up for the furor around Ms Paulose.

Trying to cut down on coffee? Start your morning with 5 minutes of Fox. This am the talking heads were discussing "Pelosi voilating the Logan Act" and "Will she be charged with consorting with enemies of state". Who needs caffeine?

OMG. Only click here if you have a strong stomach and don't have family in a nursing homr. I have tons of experiance with this shit 'cause of family and friends, and I would have killed someone.

I'm not using a Cat picture today 'cause Cliff let me add her Flikr portfolio to the blogroll, so when you're in the mood for some gorgeous pics, just head over to the right and click on Wizardkitten Photography.

I can't believe it!!! Bush wanted to be more aggresive in the captured British sailors situation? Blair was the calm one? No, really? /snark


At 12:09 PM, Blogger Cathleen said...

Thank you Paddy, and thank you Cliff! It is very much appreciated!

And yes, I am available for weddings, bar mitzvahs and impeachment hearings- you just have to pay for the plane ticket. And food. And lodging. At a hotel with a pool. But that's all, really. I'm cheap.

Paddy, you will love the Comcast high-speed. It's addicting.

About the time you are completely and thoroughly addicted they will screw something up and cut you off and you have to call the service center and go through the stupid computerized "Did you reboot your modem?" questions, like you were a two year old or something, only to get to a tech who will tell you, "Um, maybe it's your node. We will be there tomorrow" and you wonder if you can actually live 24 hrs without your internet fix.

Good luck. Be sure and ask for a credit.

And stay away from Fox, it will melt your brain.

At 9:51 PM, Blogger GottaLaff said...

If this is how you are PRE-high speed....

Good recaps!


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