Saturday, April 07, 2007

If Bush is your man, 'cause you like your Leader of the Free World with a good dose of STUPID, Rudy is the only substitute.


At 3:55 PM, Blogger Paddy said...


At 5:23 PM, Blogger ohdave said...

You know, everyone has been talking about his stupid remarks about Iran.

But if you read the Times article, he also said that the approach towards North Korea was working.

Asked about his policy toward the North Koreans, he said he backed the administration’s approach, mentioning in particular a Chinese role in efforts to pressure them. “I think the strategy has produced enough results so far that you have to stick with it,” he said.

I'd hate to see his idea of failure.

But don't think that should disqualify him from office. If you'll recall Bush didn't know who Pervez Musharraf was in 2000. In fact, if anything, ignorance of world affairs will help him in the GOP primary. Look how they've treated smart guys like Gore or people who were actually right about Iraq.

At 9:41 PM, Blogger GottaLaff said...

OhDave, that doesn't bode well, does it? Last time I looked, we Dems have a lot of very bright nominee hopefuls.

Maybe if they could just learn how to play stupid, they'll win the hearts and minds of all those weenies who favor idiocy.


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