Monday, March 19, 2007

The New Guard VS The Old Guard

There has been lots of great commentary about yesterdays "Meet The Press". Crooks & Liars & AMERICAblog have their takes which I agree with.
But something struck me yesterday that I've felt before, but this time it was laid out before us in living technicolor glory.

These guys are OLD. They are hacks that ramble on, swearing allegiance to strategies and ideals that are rooted in 40 year old think tank projects. How many times have we heard, "9/11 Changed Everything"? Guess what guys! IT DID, and ya'll are still trying to fight the wars of your youth with the weapons of your fathers youth!

Move the hell over Grandpas, Admiral Sestak and his compatriots actually fought this war. Novel idea there, huh? The vitality and intelligence that radiated off of Rep Sestak and Tom Andrews was palpable compared to the freeze dried countenance (and ideas) of Mr Delays' appearance and the just plain cartoonish* visage of Mr Perle.

Then there was this exchange.

FMR. REP. DeLAY: Where are going to deploy to? Answer the question. Where are you...

MR. PERLE: Redeploy...

REP. SESTAK: Oman, Bahrain, at home to get our...

FMR. REP. DeLAY: They haven't...(unintelligible)...that.

REP. SESTAK: Yes, sir, we have bases there.

FMR. REP. DeLAY: They have not accepted this redeployment.

REP. SESTAK: We have aircraft carriers...

Admiral Sestak handled this perfectly, laying his hand comfortingly on Grandpa Delays arm and trying to steer him back to reality, a recommended tactic when dealing with the confused. Richard "PNAC or Bust" Perle just bleated away in the corner, pulling one slogan after another out to cloud his horribly flawed argument.

In a world that with the push of one button, we can obliterate civilization as we know it, fighting the "old wars" in the "old ways" just doesn't cut it anymore. There is no reason anyone like Perle or Delay should be endorsed as having credible opinions when a) They've been proven wrong on 99% of all their other opinions and strategies and b) They can't even get the facts straight.

* see all editorial cartoons for typical fat cat Republican, i.e. Mr Perle

And for the record, I have nothing against older people (being past the label date myself), but old people with old ideas stuck in the mud of old conflicts.


At 1:34 PM, Blogger Paddy said...

or it could be...stupid people with stupid ideas stuck in the mud of stupid conflicts..

Gotta laff (he), Jeff is in the living room yelling at Joe Lieberman on the teevee, this is an exact quote,'NO YOU STUPID M-F, IT WAS THE REPUBLICANS THAT VOTED YOU IN!!!" oooh, just got a "F- YOU!!"

At 8:18 PM, Blogger Larry said...

What a sick show Meet the Press was with neocons and theocons and everything to the extreme.

If this guy takes the Delay mantle, we are really in trouble.

At 11:31 PM, Blogger ohdave said...

I think you are being generous by calling what comes out of the mouths of these cretins "ideas".

It's more aptly described as "noise" or "static".

At 5:26 PM, Blogger Super Geek said...

I think perle combs his eyebrows to look like horns.

seriously. he is one scary-looking asshole.


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