Monday, March 19, 2007

Seriously, this is too perfect. Bush's nickname for Gonzalez is "Fredo." Even his nickname signals incompetence and before long, Bush is going to ask him to go fishing, I believe.


At 10:44 AM, Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Gonzo...or Fredo, may be better off fishing with Bush than hunting with Cheney.

I can't wait to see that guy giving his speech about "his" decision to leave his position. I'm sure he will be rewarded with a medal of honor or something for his service to Bush, or should it be his "servicing" Bush. After all, he serves at the pleasure of his President.

At 11:20 AM, Blogger Fernando said...

I think Fredo Corleone might be appropriate.

At 3:34 PM, Blogger Lindsey said...

Uh, Bush calling someone else Fredo is beyond irony. He is Fredo, and everyone knows it.


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