Friday, March 16, 2007

Man, oversight ROCKS!! I'm down with a touch of some flu thing, but of course couldn't stay away from the computer for long. (had to see what Firedoglake is saying about Ms. Plames testimony)

Interesting thing learned from Doris Kerns Goodwin this morning on Imus. There is a group called "Bedside Advocates"

A prominent Boston physician is organizing retired colleagues to provide the personal attention that is often missing in modern medicine.

The volunteers with Bedside Advocates will not practice medicine. Instead, they aim to provide comfort and compassion while helping fragile and elderly patients navigate the increasingly complex medical system by accompanying them to the doctor's office, the hospital, and the nursing home. They hope to help patients get better care by empowering them to ask questions, follow their medication regimes, and get prompt attention to problems.

And most of all, they plan to be there when no one else is, providing relief for tired caregivers and support for patients without families, according to Dr. Jonathan Fine, who is leading the effort.

She wanted to know why something like this couldn't be set up for vets within the VA Hospital community? Have retired or even current duty military personnel volunteer to help navigate the system for these individuals?
I think it's a damn good question.


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