Thursday, March 15, 2007

Why do they even BOTHER showing up? Honestly, the people at the top of our government should just fon this shit in.

"Formula fer Governin'"

1. Get money (campaign or pocket) from a Crony.

2. Get call from Crony. Give Crony job or contract.

3. Go out in public and bitch about how "Big Government is the problem, and Free Trade and Capitalism will save us in the end!!

4. Watch Crony screw up every last bit of their assigned duties due to incompetence and greed.

5. Go back out in public and say, "SEE!! I told you so!! Government is the problem!".

6. Go on a canned hunt for flightless quail. Eat well, drink well, sleep well.

7. repeat ad nauseum

*for the sake of this example, Crony is defined as anyone who has known you, anyone you know or are related to.

Right Hand Thief

Crony lawyer defends crony capitalists

William Scherer, a lawyer representing MWI (the Jeb! Bush crony company that makes defective pumps) is-- surprise!-- a Bush Pioneer. Yesterday, he responded to unfavorable news reports about MWI's defective pumps in New Orleans.

The MWI pumps in New Orleans definitely would have done their job if needed during last year's hurricane season.

And they will do their job in the coming storm season, if needed.

The pumps were tested by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers again just this last weekend and they performed above required capacity.

Hey, Counselor Mensa, quick question: didja know that the defective pumps were already tested last year... in a rainstorm in December?

The above story in pictorial form.


At 2:21 PM, Blogger Paddy said...

It's so obvious when you look right at it.


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