Monday, March 26, 2007

Have I stepped into an Alternate Progressive Reality?

LA Times

Liberal Mexican Catholic group announces support for legalized abortion
From the Associated Press
4:06 PM PDT, March 26, 2007

A liberal Latin American Roman Catholic group published a paid ad defending abortion in national Mexican newspapers today,(snip)

"The decision to interrupt a pregnancy is a serious ethical dilemma," the non-governmental organization, Catholics for the Right to Choose, wrote in the ad. "Women who resort to this option don't do it with joy in their hearts; they do it as a last resort after considering all of the consequences, and they make the decision responsibly, according to their conscience."

"We promote the rights of women, especially those having to do with sexuality and human reproduction," the statement asserts.

ABC News

Conservative Jewish Seminary to Allow Gays and Lesbians to Apply

NEW YORK Mar 26, 2007 (AP)—
The seminary considered the flagship institution of Conservative Judaism said Monday it will start accepting gay and lesbian applicants, after scholars who guide the movement lifted the ban on gay ordination.


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