Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bruce Lunsford's Battle With The Truth

Like most readers, I had trouble understanding how the KY Governor candidate Bruce Lunsford could make this claim with a straight face: "I supported one Republican governor in my life. I will never support another one."

Once again, someone should hand Lunsford an old newspaper to refresh his memory. From an October 7, 1995 Lexington Herald Leader story:

The Republican National Committee expects to pour $200,000 to $300,000 into efforts to elect Larry Forgy and his running mates, the party chairman said yesterday...Republicans yesterday released a list of major campaign contributors to the state party and dared Paul Patton and Democrats to do the same... The Republican list released yesterday included 82 people and 11 political action committees that have contributed between $1,000 and the $2,500 maximum to the state party. The list did not include exact contribution amounts or occupations of the givers.

But many of the names were familiar, including W. Bruce Lunsford, president of Louisville health-care giant Vencor."

So Lunsford expects us to believe that by donating the maximum amount to the Kentucky Republican Party during Larry Forgy's race for Governor, he was somehow not supporting him?


At 9:30 AM, Blogger Dana said...

This is silly.

Lunsford is in the single digits in the polls. He's running 4th. The "netroots favorite," state treasurer Jonathan Miller, is doing even worse. He's actually a point behind Lunsford.

It reminds of the obsession the Georgia media had last year over the Democratic Secretary of State race. Two Atlanta lawyers backed by big money were in it. They finished 4th and 5th. Some state legislator got the nomination, and was promptly hammered in the general.

Unless the polls change enormously once Lunsford starts spending (and the pool of voters is just 200,000) you're wasting your time. So is Nicolas.

Put it this way. Lunsford is the Sanjaya of Kentucky politics. Savvy?


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