Wednesday, March 28, 2007

DOJ's Monica Goodling, who refuses to testify before Congress tomorrow for fear of self-incrimination, went to the Regent University School of Law--an evangelical institution. What was she supposed to take away from her years at a Christian law school where:

The mission of Regent Law School is to bring to bear the will of our Creator, Almighty God, upon legal education and the legal profession.

The mission includes:
  • The nurture and encouragement of other law students, practicing lawyers, judges, legislators, government officials, educators and others to recognize and seek the biblical foundations of law, to recognize questions of righteousness in the operation of law; and to pursue true justice. (emphasis added)

I guess Monica missed the classes and lessons that focused on pursuing true justice and the righteousness of the law. For those focused on pursuing true justice would want to be truthful about the roles they play in serving our government, which I recall is "under God" according to the pledge of allegiance. Or maybe my definition of true justice is different from hers (and her lawyers).

Regent University's student handbook should have also taught Monica some other lessons about proper Christian behavior. In the Student Code of Conduct, it states that "Indeed, the Bible contains numerous admonitions against false witness, dishonesty, and cheating." In the section explaining that lying is prohibited, the definition of lying includes "any deliberate attempt to mislead or intentionally misrepresent class attendance or falsifying attendance reports." (emphasis added)

So let's just say that Monica claims No Mas (AG Gonzales for those who did not read my prior posts) or Karl Rove did not attend a meeting that he attended, then she would would be falsifying a class attendance report. And even though she is no longer a law student at Regent, she apparently keeps this policy close to her heart because the only way to avoid a misrepresentation (or spill the beans) is to stay quiet.

(ed: this is like the age old question about gas. If you denied it, then you supplied it. And if you smelt it, then you dealt it. Thus, if asked whether you farted or smell the fart, the only way around admitting your guilt is to stay silent. This, of course, gives the appearance of a cover up but at least it is not an admission of guilt!)

Likewise, the Code prohibits the misuse of computers, including unauthorized use of computers to change the contents of files and intimidating/offensive/lying use of the computers. Hopefully, this section of the Code of Conduct has also stuck with Monica, even if the actual legal requirements have not.

So Monica, what exactly did you learn at Regent law school?


At 5:15 PM, Blogger Paddy said...

My guess would be she learned how long to wear her skirt and where not to let a boy touch her.

At 7:59 PM, Blogger BC said...

Really good stuff man


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