Sunday, October 29, 2006

My good friends Howie Klein (Down With Tyranny), John Amato (Crooks & Liars) and some others are putting their grassroots progressive values into action. After helping a number of progressive candidates, they realized they had enough money left in their Act Blue Blue America account to help one more deserving candidate, if they pooled the remaining $$ and asked for some more contributions.

Well now they are very close to their goal of helping onetime-radio host and current progressive congressional candidate from the Detroit suburbs, Tony Trupiano. They need $8000 more at last count to make a large buy with an excellent new ad made by an outside-the-beltway pro. This is a worthy cause, as the difference between Tony and the GOP ghoul McCotter, presently holding the seat, is like the difference in the novel-crafting of Gore Vidal and Lynne Cheney (you can read all about what they are up to at Howie's site or C&L).

So go give a little scratch. And help get us another progressive in Congress.


At 3:22 PM, Blogger Fernando said...

Cliff, I wrote John about his archive. I bet it's just because of the day of the month schedule. I figured out how to link to your site.

Tell me what you think of this post:

At 8:21 AM, Blogger Cliff in DC said...

Hey fernando,

That was really too kind. Thanks so much for the post and all the comments you keep throwing my way here and at ABLOG.

I will work hard to be worthy of such praise. Or just keep kicking Republican ass for fun :)

Seriously, thanks pal!


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