Friday, October 20, 2006

Sorry I have not yet gotten back to full speed here. Every day I miss another Republican is being investigated, so it pains me to take a break. But the kid is just so darn cute.

In any case, I taped a PBS segment today called White House Chronicle. Not the usual fight-fest, a roundtable discussion with respectable types (yeah, I also don't know why I was there). It will be on PBS outlets across the country, yet I don't currently have a list of specific channels and times--unless you live in DC or Maryland that is:

MD - Maryland Public Television at 530PM
DC - WHUT PBS Affiliate Howard University Television at 6PM and again at 6:30PM on Sunday

Also if you are looking for more of a poltical death match, that would be on MSNBC tomorrow, where I will do two segments between 12 and 1 PM against your basic Republican miscreant. Don't cut and run. Watch.


At 6:10 PM, Blogger Shipping / Receiving said...

Funny how these people all want to mention how OSAMA BIN LADEN IS STILL OUT THERE AND HE WANTS TO KILL YOU, but become shocked and indignant when someone mentions why he's still out there.
Good work!

At 1:03 AM, Blogger Gabriel Morris said...

hi Cliff,
I saw you on MSNBC debating that (very hot, I must say) Republican strategist, and I agree with you pretty close to 100%. Only thing is, I think it doesn't help the cause to interrupt the other person, no matter how much you disagree and want to stomp on their ridiclous arguments and talking points. As soon as people start interrupting one another it quickly devolves into a shouting match where no one gets their views out there. And I have to say I don't recall her interrupting you, it was the other way around. Give them a chance to spew their nonsense, and THEN pummel their arguments, it'll come across a lot more credible, and as a lot more watchable debate....And while I'm at it, here's an argument to throw back when they make this absurd argument about "cut and run" and try to criticize Democrats for wanting to redeploy and hand the country back to the Iraqis: IT'S NOT JUST THE DEMOCRATS WHO ARE SAYING IT. What about John Warner? What about Chuck Hagel? What about James Baker? What about the generals who are saying this thing isn't winnable militarily, we're in too deep and either we start thinking seriously about withdrawal, or we're just going to be in even deeper over our heads?.....anyway thanks for taking on the twisted Republican agenda, keep up the good work....Gabriel

At 3:01 AM, Blogger Steve Talbert said...

What kid is cute? are you getting Foley's cast offs cuz they take too long to sprout?!??!

(you know that's a joke, don't you?)


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