Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Virginia Tech Burris Hall has been evacuated. (next to Norris Hall where shootings took place)
MSNBC now saying it is a bomb threat. per Dave Gregory at 8:25a.
15 police vehicles, 10 armed officers, canine unit on grounds.

Level of concern (cops) has increased dramatically in the past few minutes per the reporter at VTech.

Reporter on ground now saying that 5 cruisers have left, may be over.

846a EST- Per the reporter on the ground the troopers said that they responded to a phoned in threat, went to the hall and checked it out and found it was not true.
They did not say what kind of threat, but they did say they overreacted.

This just disgusts me. Bad enough this school has been torn apart by this, but stupid ass sickos think it's FUN to phone in threats?
They need to go back to pulling the wings off flies.


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