Friday, December 15, 2006

This is rich. Bush actually has a "privacy board." Yes, you read that correctly. Of course, it is much like Healthy Forests, the Clear Skies initiative and Leave No Child Behind, in that it is named exactly the opposite of what it intends to accomplish (kind of like "victory in Iraq").

Republicans funny. So very funny.

BTW I wrote a piece a while back for Alternet on how Dems should embrace the politics of privacy, which would propel them to victory (many now are, as proven by newly elected Senator Jon Tester, for example, who has called for repealing The Patriot Act--which has some good provisions about getting the intelligence agencies to work together but also provides the kind of snooping into library books that again makes the name of a Bush-inspired law the opposite of the reality).

Check out the piece if you have a minute.


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