Wednesday, November 08, 2006

We won.

Yeah, I just thought I'd say that because it still sounds kinda cool.


At 10:57 PM, Blogger mamalove10 said...

amazing! I caught you on msnbc the other day (you have it posted below) and I have to say, it was the greatest thing i've ever seen in my life. Keep it up and get on those shows more so more dems can get their message straight so we can take it all in 2008.

At 12:13 AM, Blogger Phantamage said...

No doubt, you helped!

At 12:24 AM, Blogger Cliff Schecter said...

Thank you both for the kind words. I hope I did my small part. It will be my pleasure to keep feeding Republicans a bit of their own medicine (without the lies and death threats to judges of course).

At 9:41 AM, Blogger Carolyn said...

It's just finally sinking in to me today, this day that Allen concedes defeat; we really won. We are in the majority.

God, after the past six years, it feels strange. Can you imagine what it's like to be a democrat on the Hill this week? I bet Senator Kennedy is having a good time.


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