Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My television is telling me I'm supposed to care about a pro wrestler who killed his family and himself. And I do. It was a horrible and saddening thing.

But another autopsy report that just came out deserves the "BREAKING NEWS" and "ALERT" banners much more. The live press conference coverage also.

Man killed by police after Katrina was shot in back

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (CNN) -- A man killed by New Orleans police in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was shot in the back, according to an autopsy report CNN obtained.

That autopsy finding seems to raise questions about the police department's conclusion that its officer fired only because his life was in danger.

Danny Brumfield, 45, was shot outside the New Orleans Convention Center in the early hours of September 2, 2005, after he stepped in front of a patrol car. He wound up on the car's hood with shears or scissors in his hand.

Police said the officer fired in self-defense. District Attorney Eddie Jordan has closed out any criminal investigation, and he told CNN the shooting has been ruled a justifiable homicide.

What do his daughter and niece have to say about the shooting?
Danny Brumfield got into the street. His niece thought he was trying to stop the police car; his daughter wasn't sure why he did.

Africa Brumfield said the officer slammed on the brakes and her uncle put his hands on the hood to show he wasn't carrying any weapons. Shantan Brumfield said he put his hands on the hood after he was hit, apparently trying to stop it.

Both agree that the car sped up, hit him again, and he jumped onto the hood.

Shantan Brumfield said he reached up toward the glass, as if trying to get the car to stop and let him down. Africa Brumfield said he had reached down and pulled out a pair of shears which she had given him earlier that day, as the only weapon they had to protect the children.

That was when he was shot. Then, both said, the car left, over Brumfield's body rather than around it.

But he was just a poor African-American man living in a city left to it's own devices for days after a tragic catastrophe.

"This Just In... Autopsy Reports for Pro-Wrestler Chris Benoit and Family" for 45 minutes so far.


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Sad country we live in.


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