Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Prison tries to unravel invasion of mystery troops

CANON CITY, Colorado (AP) -- No, they weren't coming to the rescue.
Prison guards held their fire and asked the troops for identification, said a prison official.

Military officials said 25 heavily armed parachutists who landed in a cornfield on the grounds of a Colorado prison last week were on a training mission but landed about 3 miles off target.


The special operations troops, which could include Navy Seals or Green Berets, began dropping from the sky at about 4:50 a.m. Thursday. Guards on duty, who are trained to watch the skies following a helicopter escape in 1989 from a prison near Ordway, Colorado, held their fire after noticing the parachutists were soldiers.

Guards who stopped the men and asked for identification were presented with documents that identified them only as Defense Department employees, Colorado Department of Corrections spokeswoman Katherine Sanguinetti.

"We don't know who they were and I'm not sure we'll ever know who they were," she said. "Everyone acted appropriately."


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At 12:15 PM, Anonymous OxyCon said...

I think I've seen that movie. There's a psychotic, ruthless murderer in solitary confinement. He's the result of a government experiment gone bad, to design the ultimate warrior, a trained killer with no conscience.
The President knows the war is lost, but he has one last hope...to send the psychotic killer to Iraq to kill all the bad Muslims. So he parachutes Navy Seals into the prison to spring the killer and ships him off to Iraq with a slew of new, gigantic weapons that look really cool, too!


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