Friday, June 15, 2007

Ran For The Border

Hey boys and girls. Will be heading back to my humble abode in the great state of Ohio tomorrow. It has been an interesting stay in Arizona, as the immigration bill in Congress is even more of a hot potato out here (that whole on the border thing). The right is fracturing, with the corporate right and the paleo-conservative right at each other's throats.

But I can also tell you, from meeting with anti-war vets and progressive activists here, that there is as much anger with the Democrats on Iraq as there is among Republicans at their party over the immigration bill.

That ridiculous cave in to Bush may be in the process of costing our party a larger majority. Although, if they can't do what is both morally right and politically smart, because they are afraid of their own collective shadow (and this is not everone, mind you, just the cowards who caved to Bush)...I'll let you finish the sentence.

On a very different note, I have really enjoyed my visit here. Great people. Fantastic food. Beautiful scenery outside the cities. I even got to see Mel's Diner from Alice. Oh that Mel, so angry....

Oh, and I learned one other thing. The "it's not the heat it's the humidity" thing. Yeah, um, when it's 111 degrees, it's the freakin heat.


At 9:01 AM, Blogger gimmeabreak said...

Cliff! Glad you had a good trip and have a safe ride home.

Our people in Congress are afraid of their own shadows. As I said in this space before, they're trying to sneak by the repug bullies lest they get slammed up against the lockers again.

Jim Webb was out there being the loud leader of the geek squad for awhile and was getting press. I wonder where he is lately.

The mealy-mouthed pundits are right on one score - people don't like wimps in government. Not that we want to see codpiece and dick-swinging "give me torture and more gitmo" types, but they don't want to see our leaders slinking into the shadows backing off an skittering away.

And the description above is the way I see the Dems - not everyone may share my opinion.


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