Monday, June 11, 2007

Paging Dan Gerstein!

So tell me again that Joe Lieberman is a real Democrat. Really?

Lieberman and the Gonzales Vote [Byron York]
As expected, Senate Republicans stopped the resolution expressing no confidence in Alberto Gonzales. The vote was 53-38, meaning Democrats could not cut off debate and move toward a vote on the resolution. Republican Sens. Collins, Coleman, Hagel, Specter, Smith, and Sununu voted with Democrats. Perhaps more interesting is the fact that Joseph Lieberman voted with Republicans, which might be interpreted as a further move toward the GOP. It's one thing to stick with the president on Iraq and advocate a tough policy toward Iran, but siding with most Republicans on Gonzales? Interesting.


At 9:40 PM, Anonymous John Aravosis' Neighbor Barbara said...

This just means that we have to work especially hard to unseat Rethugs and elect Dems to the Senate, making Holy Joe completely irrelevant and useless. Or, more irrelevant and useless than he already is.


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