Saturday, June 16, 2007

My nominee for "Headline of the Week".

St. Helens dealing with gnomelessness problem

Posted by The Oregonian June 14, 2007 20:28PM
Categories: Breaking News
ST.HELENS -- Searching for your stolen garden gnome? St. Helens police officers want to hear from you.

Students at St. Helens High School got to school Monday to find their campus decorated with garden gnomes and figures.

"An investigation by school officials and the school resource officer determined that the gnomes were placed around the school as part of a prank committed by several recently graduated seniors," the St. Helens Police Department said in a press release.

"It appears that the yard ornaments were taken from residences all across Columbia County and as far away as Astoria and Portland."

The police department is holding nearly 60 gnomes for return to owners.


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I love it. Somehow that kind of kid mischief doesn't seem all that bad anymore.


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