Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tomorrow, May 3rd, 9:30a EST on Cspan 3.

James Comey testifies to the Judiciary Committee.

Who is he you ask?

One of the fascinating dynamics in the Justice Department for going on 4 years now has been the tension between the Bush loyalists and those loyal Republicans who still have a shred of decency left.

The poster child for the latter category has been James Comey, the deputy attorney general for part of John Ashcroft's tenure, who appointed his old friend Patrick Fitzgerald as special prosecutor to investigate the Plame affair.

Comey was also the guy who refused to reauthorize the NSA warrant less wiretapping program, forcing the White House to get Ashcroft to sign off on it from his hospital bed. Bush, as is his way, nicknamed Comey "Cuomo."

Mmmmm, I smell barbecued elephant.


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Ooo! Ooo! Must See TV!!!

Thanks for the reminder, Padlock. I nearly forgot.



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