Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I do so love it when the Brits get their noses out of whack.

Mark Steel: Blair's downfall: a tale of love and money

Blair's support for Bush was a result of his adoration for the wealthy and powerful

Published: 02 May 2007

Ten years ago today was brilliant. It was a euphoric sunny optimistic morning.
It's hard to remember it like that, just as it's hard to recall you had a wonderful romantic wedding day, if it turned out you'd married a junkie who then sold your furniture and smoked your hamster.

Smoked a hamster? Oh, the visual.

As one newspaper fumed with rage yesterday that "this has been the greatest decade in British history for the very, very wealthy. Under New Labour the worth of the 1,000 richest people in the country has soared by 263 per cent. It has indeed been their platinum age."

And the newspaper complaining about this was the Daily Mail. The Daily Bastard Mail. Once the Daily Mail is moaning that you're too kind to the rich, it's like Posh Spice coming round and saying "Blimey, you're too skinny", and buying you a Twix.

And Blair's' legacy? Same as Bush.... or as Steel imagines Blair musing....

"It's not fair. No one remembers how I helped out Mrs Ambridge at the Post Office with her shingles. Just 'murders murders murders', that's all the bastards go on about. Well, they'll be sorry when I've gone."

Snort. Sure we'll miss you. Like a _____ (fill in blank with disgusting bodily ailment).

Now where's that Twix?


I just now figured out that Mark Steel is a British comedian. Huh?
Why don't our papers let comedians do op-ed pieces? First John Cleese last week, now this guy.

Jon Stewart syndicated thru McClatchy? Now there's a paper I'd subscribe to!!!


At 7:29 PM, Blogger Paddy said...

Toodles old chap.

At 10:21 PM, Blogger GottaLaff said...

Bill Maher does them in the L.A. Times. I love 'em!

And they're very often duplicates of his end-of-the-show rants ("New Rules" enders), so we get a preview of what's on that night.

P.S. The rants are usually more, um, "colorful". : )

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