Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the House floor today;

The President said that we are substituting, Congress is substituting our judgment for the judgment of commanders in the field, 6,000 miles away. Wrong again, Mr. President. We are substituting our judgment for your judgment, 16 blocks down Pennsylvania Avenue in the White House. We are substituting the judgment of this Congress for your failed judgment. The American people have lost faith in the President’s conduct of the war. They have said they want accountability and a new direction — this bill gives them both.

From John Edwards.

This is the moment of truth on Iraq. The veto we knew would come has arrived. Congress must now make a decision: cave in to Bush and extend the war, or send back a binding plan to end it.

I asked my staff to create an emergency television ad that would bring the people's voice directly to Congress, calling on them to make the right choice. They worked late into the night and we now have a powerful message ready to go on the air in D.C. as soon as tomorrow morning.

Is it normal for a presidential campaign to drop everything and focus on pushing Congress to end a war? Maybe not.

Sign the Petition!!!

Over to the right, John Edwards dot com is collecting signatures to send to Congress telling them NOT TO BACK DOWN to Bush.

Go put your John Hancock on it. HERE

You'll feel GOOD about yourself!!


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