Monday, May 14, 2007

I haven't taken a stand as to my choice for winner in '08, but this made me step back a bit.

Senator and Presidential candidate Chris Dodd today released the following statement responding to the announcement that the Feingold-Reid legislation would be attached to the Water Resources Development Act Reauthorization:

"We should have a straight up or down vote on Feingold-Reid - not as an amendment to a water bill or any other bill.

This is the most important Senate debate since the original vote to authorize the war.

This simply cannot be the occasion for hiding behind procedural tactics. That is why I am calling on all my other colleagues running for President to state clearly where they stand on this important legislation by joining me as a co-sponsor of Feingold-Reid and stating how they would vote on the bill."
Text of the Amendment

Harry Reid has said he would allow a cloture vote on the Feingold-Reid amendment to end the Iraq War. The problem is that it's just a procedural cloture vote on the water bill - and it is going to fail.

Attaching this bill as a procedural amendment to the Water Bill is bullshit. Feingold-Reid deserves consideration on the floor of the Senate as a free-standing bill with a straight up or down vote.

Harry Reid knows that the GOP will filibuster this amendment and that their filibuster will succeed, preventing it from having a straight up or down vote.

This is the HEART of Democracy. Subterfuge or goverance?

What do you want? More bullshit or a straight up or down vote?

Grab a calling plan and get to work!!!

Reid - 202-224-3542

Presidential candidates:

Obama: 202-224-2854
Clinton: 202-224-4451
Edwards: 919-636-3131
Richardson: 505-982-2291
Kucinich: 877-413-3664
Gravel: 703-652-4698


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I commented on your Kos post, and I'm reiterating it here:

Just. Do. It. Already.

Get a spine, Dems. The entire country's with us on this one.


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