Monday, May 14, 2007

Repeat After Me: Susan Collins Is Not A Moderate

We will keep repeating this as many times as she lies--like she did about only serving for two terms--and tries to portray herself as something she is not. "Moderates" don't vote with the most right-wing president since Coolidge 80% of the time.

As Nancy Grape says in the Portland Press-Herald (do read the whole thing if you get the chance):

So there we have it, the shape of the upcoming Senate campaign as the Collins camp would like to present it. On one side we're offered a "centrist" Republican -- rock solid and stable. On the other, "very much a partisan Democrat" -- someone we're invited to see as a laid-back version, say, of Howard Dean, only with better Maine manners and a better suit...

...In establishing herself as a main player in "homeland security" and standing visibly with President Bush early in a disastrous war in Iraq (she now opposes the troop surge but refuses to support a timetable for withdrawing troops), as well as in voting to confirm Associate Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., to succeed Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court, Collins has moved public perception of her to the right.
Exactly. Again let's try this: SUSAN COLLINS IS NOT A MODERATE.

Oh and did I mention that she looked into the eyes of the voters of Maine and lied to them repeatedly about how long she would serve? (h/t on finding this column to Collins Watch).


At 12:19 PM, Blogger Paddy said...

'08 is going to be nuclear.

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I'm reading these posts in reverse chronological order. Cliff has posted many a time. Cliff should be working on his McMoron tome. Cliff shouldn't be posting this much.


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