Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fantastic, simply laid out story by McClatchy about Iraq and what our soldiers are up against amongst the various factions.

By simple, I mean that even GWB would get it.
Tenuous understanding between Iraqi tribes, U.S. could spell success or disaster
By Leila Fadel
McClatchy Newspapers

Overall violence in Iraq has not diminished, report says

FALLUJAH, Iraq - Marine Sgt. Tony Storey doesn't like to think about what-ifs as he watches the young Iraqis he's helping to train take target practice. He recalls one man who was a natural with his AK-47.

"Where'd you learn to shoot like that?" Storey asked.

"Insurgent," the man said with a smile.

Go read, please.


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Cliff -- I wanted to let you know Leila and all the McClatchy correspondents will have a new site and many new tools starting early next week (probably MOnday) at Among other things, the foreign correspondents now all have blogs, which look to be terrific. I can send you a preview site link if you want to have an advance look. hweaver (at)


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