Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stupid. Plain stupid. How can anyone think that this is constitutional? Or worthwhile?

A Flagstaff entrepreneur who makes an anti-war T-shirt has inspired a potential new chapter of state law.

Dan Frazier's use of the names of soldiers who have died in the Iraq conflict is the driving force behind Senate Bill 1014, which passed the House of Representatives today on a 57-0 vote.

The legislation would make endeavors such as Frazier's T-shirt production subject to civil liability, and the potential of treble damages, unless the manufacturer had the permission of the soldier or his or her representative, such as a family member or a trustee.

It would pertain to the use of soldiers' names in products, as well as advertising for those products. There are exceptions for such things as news accounts, professional photo exhibits, plays, or other forms of art, as long as they aren't commercial promotions.

Frazier has said he won't stop production of his T-shirts, citing free-speech rights. The T-shirt that drew attention states, "Bush Lied, They Died" with a backdrop listing the names of 3,155 soldiers who have died in the Iraq war.

The bill is headed back to the state Senate to reconcile changes made by the House.


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Sounds like the ACLU needs to get involved here. Then again, they probably have their hands full. I hope the guy has a good lawyer who doesn't mind working pro bono much of the time, because it looks like the AZ Republicans are depending on him not to have enough money to mount a proper challenge to the law. It can be overturned -- if you can afford the five-to-six-figure (minimum) legal fees needed to do it.


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