Thursday, March 29, 2007

Iraq: Cut 'N Run Or Simply, "Time To Go"?

Oddly enough, recent moves by the House and Senate to set a timetable for troop withdrawal from Iraq have given W and company more liberty to play the blame game. He and Cheney are accusing Dems of cutting and running (again). Perhaps, this just might be the opportunity he's been waiting for to push the biggest foreign policy blunder in recent US history onto someone else, namely Dems. Will it stick this time? Doubtful.

That was the same argument Nixon supporters liked to use for failures in Vietnam, that "meddling by Congress," "the Johnson White House" and "weak Democrats" kept the "generals on the ground" from doing their job.

So, shouldn't we just give a little more faith, time and effort into seeing this thing through? Senator Corker thinks so. According to comments he made to the Jackson Sun, Corker wants to give "General (David) Petraeus an opportunity to turn what has been a downward spiral in Iraq into an upward spiral ... 'I don’t want to hinder General Petraeus’ ability to succeed, and I believe that setting an arbitrary withdrawal date — before we have even had the proper opportunity to assess our progress — would do just that."

Is this the same General Patraeus who, when posted to Northern Iraq in 2003, dished out more dough to shady Iraqis and questionable contractors than the number of assists at a Magic Johnson vs. Larry Bird game circa 1985?

Generals don't make policy decisions. Their bosses do.

Keep the faith....


At 11:24 PM, Blogger Paddy said...

I've wanted my own purge for quite some time now.


And I mean ANYONE. Yes John Kerry and yes John McCain. The bullshit that happened 40 years ago colors all their current battles. I believe in learning from history, not reliving it over and over.

Be born after 1960 or leave DC. (in my perfect imaginary world)

At 11:53 PM, Blogger Locutus said...

Yes, if you were around during Vietnam you can see the same tactic being recycled. "The liberals lost the war". The GOP knows that it's a lost cause and they're laying out the groundwork for blaming Democrats. That's why it's better to get out of Iraq sooner rather than later. Don't give the fascists a Democratic administration to help share their blame.


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