Friday, October 27, 2006

I could not agree more with Tim Dickinson of The Rolling Stone.

I've used some nasty language in the past (I, hard to believe!) to describe political pontificator Stuart Rothenberg, because he came out with the hacky "purge" language because Democrats chose to challenge the finger-in-the-wind politics of Joe Lieberman (more on that this weekend, when I have a piece coming out that discusses this).

In any case, I still hope he is right in his most recent prediction: 45-60 seats, and he says it could be on the higher end! Yes, you're not reading that wrong. Yowsers...I hope he knows what he's talking about this time.

One bone of contention (because I can't ever completely compliment Stu), as a historian-kinda-guy, I have to argue with his comparison of this election to 1974 and not 1966. I see the 1974 comparison, war and scandal, and agree with it.

But what of 1966 then? A midterm in which Democrats lost 47 House seats, because a depressed base who viewed its own party as corrupt and its own president, a bombastic Texan, as a miscreant. An unpopular war that party was credited with starting and escalating.

Sounds familiar enough to me.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I have a new piece in the estimable In These Times magazine. It's about how a brand of populism being used by candidates in the Midwest and Border States could be the key to a Democratic resurgence nationwide.

Check it out, it's a quick read....

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Keith Olbermann said it all last night. Just watch it.

Rush Limbaugh thinks Michael J. Fox is "acting" or purposely off his meds so he'll shake more during commercials he is doing endorsing Democrats who support stem-cell research.

I have some related questions for Rush:

1) Is the reason you're such a "big fat idiot" that you're an oxycontin freak?

2) Is the fact that you were found with only one Viagara pill at Miami airport the reason why three wives have left your ass?

3) Is there a connection between doctor shopping for drugs and being a fat sweaty loser?

Just wondering...

The Daily Miscreants

Shockingly, a member of that cult full of members suffering from Anti-Social Personality Disorder, the GOP, and one who is in all but name. That would be Rep. Barbara Cubin of Wyoming and Lieberman for Lieberman Senate candidate, Joe Lieberman.

Now a few of you folks who get queasy at the site of people who, you know, talk back to their opponents during televised debates, will I'm sure be appalled at this behavior.

Ms. Cubin went up the Libertarian candidate after her debate with him and threatened to smack him. He's in a wheelchair (BTW--Gary Trauner, a fantastic Democrat, is the one you should support in this race). Mr. Lieberman stormed up to Ned Lamont after their final debate and dropped an F-bomb as well as some other choice words.

Wow, people who are more "rude" than I am because of debates. Could it be? I guess I should have just waited until I was off-air to make such vicious statements to the friendly liar I was debating (after letting her spread the propaganda, of course).