Thursday, July 26, 2007

Well, well, well. Here at Casa de Cliff, it's been a rollercoaster for the past few days.

Gottalaff's post the other day about the illegal detention of a man who disagreed with Dick Cheney has had us at the top of Digg's Top News, Most Dugg and a couple other lists over there.

So, if you have an account (if you don't go get one) and give us one last nudge.

And in other blog-centric housecleaning stuff, please click on our newest advertisers-

Clean My Ride is a fantastic site for an important cause, plus very funny clips from very funny people.

And what can I say about Paul Rieckoff and his book? The best.

Lastly, if you're thinking of buying from Amazon, clicking thru our link to order gives us a little mojo at no cost to you!!


At 10:07 AM, Blogger Paddy said...


At 10:27 AM, Blogger Kirsten said...

Helped you guys all out and went to my Digg account.

At 6:20 PM, Blogger Cliff Schecter said...

Thanks Kirsten. Much appreciated :)


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