Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Versus Old

Mystery Pollster Mark Blumenthal has an interesting post up analyzing the Democratic Presidential spending on pollsters this year. The most interesting part to me, was the following;

The generational contrast to the Obama pollster crew is also present here. The lead pollsters for Edwards (Harrison Hickman), Richardson (Paul Maslin), Biden (Celinda Lake) and Dodd (Stan Greenberg) were all name partners in campaign polling firms in the 1980s (and, interests disclosed, yours truly managed to work for all four between 1986 and 1991).

I find it interesting that Obama is more apt to use lesser known (and younger) consultants than anyone else. Given the history of electing Democrats to the Presidency, it may turn out to be a smart move.


At 7:43 AM, Blogger Robert P said...

I'm interested in how MUCH they spent on pollsters. $700K for Hillary and $650K for Obama. That's a lot of money on polls if you consider how much was raised in the past I would assume that is a new record.


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