Sunday, July 29, 2007

Now, come on, you know what I mean...he presided over the surprise ceremony.

The comic turned actor, who played George Banks in the 1991 movie "Father of the Bride," married writer Anne Stringfield on Saturday with Hollywood heavyweights including Tom Hanks and Diane Keaton in attendance, according to People magazine's Web site.

Former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey presided over the ceremony and the best man was Lorne Michaels, the creator of "Saturday Night Live," a popular U.S. television comedy show that Martin has guest hosted more than anyone else.

I think he's one of the most talented actors/comedians around. Congratulations, Steve and Anne!

So, how long do you think this will last?


At 10:04 PM, Blogger GottaLaff said...

Considering who attended, that had to be a hilarious ceremony.

At 10:18 PM, Blogger Kirsten said...

Funniest. Man. Ever.
I mean Steve Martin, of course.

At 10:18 PM, Blogger Kirsten said...

Funniest. Man. Ever.
I mean Steve Martin, of course.

At 10:22 PM, Blogger GottaLaff said...

Oh dear, Kirsten. You really havehad a few, haven't you?

When you double post a comment, is it because you're seeing double? : )

I love him too. He's absolutely hilarious. And smart. And hilarious.

Did I mention I think he's hilarious?
And I haven't even had so much as a sip.

At 10:45 PM, Blogger Kirsten said...

Sure you haven't.
And he is hilarious.

At 11:06 PM, Anonymous Howbern said...

I do hope it lasts, but just in case, I understand they hired the same caterer for the divorce.

At 11:50 AM, Anonymous OxyCon said...

Steve Martin is no longer a "Lonely Guy".

At 2:17 PM, Blogger Mary Ellen said...

That's not fair, I wanted to marry Steve Martin-but my husband wouldn't let me.

At 4:38 PM, Blogger GottaLaff said...

I wanted to marry my husband, but Steve Martin wouldn't let me.

Wait. No.

At 7:30 PM, Blogger Kirsten said...


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