Saturday, July 21, 2007

Buzzflash nails it
Unfortunately, their editorial makes all too much sense, and it's worth reading in full. They start by recapping the last week's worth of Bushevik assaults on democracy. They go on from there. Here are some excerpts:
The Democrats MUST remember this most important axiom about Bush, Cheney and Rove: There interest is not necessarily to stay in Iraq forever; it is to ensure that the Republicans can hold onto power indefinitely.
Good point. The point.
It would be a mistake to think that Bush’s ongoing chipperness and indifference to public opinion can be attributed to his sociopathology alone. It would also be an error to think that Dick "Dr. Evil" Cheney is simply becoming more hunkered down in his delusions that he is the power behind the throne, the rabble in the Congress be damned. [...]
BuzzFlash speculates that one of the reasons relates to their confidence in their ability to continue to manipulate events and emotions. Although the mainstream media has started to expose more of the reality of the utter debacle of the Iraq War, it still is more likely than not to give a White House spin to headlines and stories, as it did in Bush’s completely hypocritical and mendacious attack on Democrats for allegedly not legislatively "supporting our troops."
Rove. It always comes down to Rove.
Rove knows that one big event that is perceived as a military challenge to America can erase all the accumulated negative perceptions of Bush for enough time to ride the next Republican presidential candidate through an election cycle (or according to the worst fears of some, suspend the elections based on Executive Branch emergency powers that Bush has been incrementally accumulating through executive orders and with the consent of Congress.)
3 options (Not that there are only 3, but 3 are detailed;
Buzzflash elaborates on the pros and cons of each):
1) A short-term military assault on the Pakistani "tribal lands," bordering Afghanistan, where the Saudi dominated Al-Qaeda has allegedly been living openly and freely...
2) An air attack, likely employing nuclear weapons, on Iranian nuclear facilities...
3) A 9/11 repeat attack on U.S. soil.
I touched on #3 in my post on Paul Craig Roberts. I suggest checking out what he has to say here.
In short, why we concentrate on ending the Iraq War, the White House is kicking the ball down the field trying to figure out which of the above three scenarios (and others) might be the best diversion from the Baghdad conflict, while boosting Bush’s ratings in one fell swoop – and recharging the hopes of a Republican candidate for president.

Let's not forget their habit of rigging elections.

The bottom line is that the White House has its eyes on continuing the march toward consolidating Executive Branch and Federal Court Republican control over any efforts by Congress to assert their Constitutional powers.
The other bottom line? Removing this bunch of power-hungry criminals from office.


At 5:26 PM, Blogger GottaLaff said...

I threw in a lot, but the details are worth looking at.

They did the work for us by laying it all out. Now we have to do a lot of work to prevent this stuff from happening.

At 12:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I can say when I read stuff like this is, if the Democrats don't take Nov. '08 I wonder what the housing prices are like in Canada.


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