Saturday, June 30, 2007

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MTP: Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) on US atty purge, DoJ, and NSA surveillance subpoenas; rountable on immigration reform, racial politics, and voting demographics with Christian Broadcasting Network's David Brody, PBS' Tavis Smiley, NBC's Chuck Todd and PBS' Judy Woodruff

FTN: Sen. Dick Lugar (R-IN); WaPo's Robin Wright; WaPo's Thomas Ricks

This Week: DHS Sec Michael Chertoff on London plot & US response; Sen. Joe Lieberman (CFL) on SCOTUS, immigration & Iraq; roundtable of WaPo's Ruth Marcus, Bay Buchanan (R), Donna Brazile (R) and Cokie Roberts; James Earl Jones on literacy

Fox News Sunday: DHS Sec. Michael Chertoff; talk radio host Mike Gallagher; Air America's Mark Green; Americans for Tax Reform's Grover Norquist

Late Edition: DHS Sec Michael Chertoff; Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC); Rep. Peter King (R-NY); Zbigniew Brzezinski; Henry Kissinger; roundtable of Bill Schneider, Joe Johns and Ed Henry.

Cribbed ruthlessly from Newsie8200.


At 12:35 AM, Blogger Paddy said...

Book then sleep, then it starts all over again.

Sleep well!!!


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