Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Or Maybe ....

There was a big article in the New York Times this morning about how the younger generation is more liberal than the rest of America. Andrew Sullivan took issue with the conclusion, saying ...

But what strikes me most about the latest poll of the next generation is the distinctions they make. Instead of seeing "drugs" as an amorphous category, they distinguish between largely harmless marijuana and an addictive upper like cocaine. Instead of conflating all the moral issues, they have no problem with gay dignity and equality, but retain many of the moral conflicts of their parents with respect to the far more troubling issue of abortion. This doesn't strike me less as a sign of their liberalism than of their intelligence and experience.

Permit me to whack this softball out of the park. Andrew, could it possibly be that having more intelligence and experience is how one comes around to having these "liberal" views?

I'd imagine that if you know a committed gay couple, you'd be less likely to believe that their union would affect your own marriage and you'd be less likely to compare it to bestiality (box turtle) or incest. If, Andrew, you believe this to be true, that intelligence and experience tend to lead one away from Republican views, what does that say about your association with the Party pre-2004?


At 5:43 PM, Blogger Fernando said...

John Cornyn was the Box Turtle lover dude.

Excellent post. I'm not sure that distinguishing liberals with intelligence and maturity is wrong to do though.


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