Thursday, June 21, 2007


New book from Mr Greenwald.
Pre-ordering available now.

ยท House Judiciary Subcmte. with Paul McNulty, Dpty. Atty. Gen. (12pm) - LIVE Cspan 3/Cspan Radio

Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) on Washington Journal (always fun)

Yearly Kos 2007 is having a fundraising auction on Ebay. Lots of really cool stuff, including lunch with Cliff at Yearly Kos 2007, August 2-4th. Even if you aren't planning to go, but will be in the Chicago area, you can share a plate of fries with him at The Plate Room in McCormick Place. You do not have to register and pay for Yearly Kos to have lunch with Cliff!! (Check out the other stuff up for auction also. I donated the Keith Olbermann tattoos. Don't ask.)

Please click on all our advertisers (so they will continue to advertise) and if you are thinking of buying something from Amazon, clicking on one of our links to go through benefits us. Each of the books that we have linked to Amazon through are hand picked by The Cliffster himself. I've heard really good things about "Nixon", the Clarence Thomas book looks really interesting, and as always, we severely dislike Mitch.

And for all of you bemoaning the lack of Cliff lately, the book is in the editors hands, he just got back from Taking Back America conference, and he should be around today.

The Question of the day? Did he get me an intimate autograph from Joe Conason?


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