Thursday, June 07, 2007

Nation of Slaves vs. Nation of Immigrants

From the revealing debate over at the NRO. Here's Mark Kirkorian's view of America

JPod: Sure, many phrases are no longer connected to their origins. Few people saying "writing on the wall" are even aware that it's a reference to the Book of Daniel, let alone trying to make a point about the king of Babylon.

But "nation of immigrants" is not that kind of phrase. It has an ideological purpose, to downgrade and delegitimize America before the beginning of mass immigration in 1848, or maybe even before 1880. It is, in a sense, the unofficial motto of multiculturalism. America is much more a "nation of settlers" and a "nation of slaves" that it is a nation of immigrants. As important as some immigrant groups have been in shaping the ongoing development of American culture (especially Germans, Italians, and Jews), the template was established by English and Scottish settlers, as well as by the reinterpretation of Anglo-Celtic culture by the African slaves. Immigrants may be the frosting — but the cake was baked long before they arrived.

I find it absolutely fascinating that someone admitted to seeing the phrase "nation of immigrants" as an insult. I was always taught that the "melting pot" of America was our strength, but according to Mr. Kirkorian, it's basically an embarrassment. I wonder what he thinks of the Statue of Liberty, which was donated after the "cake was baked."

So the next time any GOPer says that opposition to the immigration bill isn't based on racial tensions, have them read this post.


At 11:35 PM, Blogger gimmeabreak said...

I'm actually astounded how low the level of discourse has gotten. At least Kirkorian is trying to couch his racism. More and more I'm reading and hearing "losing the complexion of the country" and other such blatently racist tripe.

At 11:47 PM, Blogger Ashen Shard said...

The other one I like is the whole English should be the official language and everyone who comes to this country should speak it. Funny thing is, these same people always harp on what the founders meant for this country and how we are heading away from their vision. Now (if you ignore every other point they are wrong on in reference to the founders) if they knew their history, and actually wanted to follow the will of the founders, then they would be advocating that German be the official language since it almost actually became the official language, only failed by a few votes.


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