Monday, June 18, 2007

Glenn Greenwald, Apparently, Is Gay

I'm relatively new to the blogging world, but there are some bloggers that I really like. Among them is Glenn Greenwald, over at Salon. He's smart, witty, uses facts and citations, and apparently, he's gay. And not just gay, but really gay. Like Elton John, Village People, T.R. Knight gay.

Honestly, I didn't know this. Unlike Andrew Sullivan or John Aravosis, two other bloggers that I like to read, Greenwald doesn't talk much about gay issues. In fact, I only found out he was gay because of a rant by coservative author Ace of Spades.

A few days ago, Greenwald took on "tough guy" conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Reynolds. These guys love to talk tough and rip liberals for being "wussies or sissies." Greenwald was pointing out how neither Limbaugh or Reynolds (He also included Victor David Hanson and Jonah Goldberg among others) are not exactly the embodiment of macho.

There are few things more disorienting than listening to Rush Limbaugh declare himself the icon of machismo and masculinity and mock others as "wimps." And if you look at those who have this obsession -- the Chris Matthews and Glenn Reynolds and Jonah Goldbergs and Victor Davis Hansons -- what one finds in almost every case is that those who want to convert our political process and especially our national policies into a means of proving one's "traditional masculine virtues" -- the physically courageous warriors unbound by effete conventions -- themselves could not be further removed from those attributes, and have lives which are entirely devoid of such "virtues."

Essentially, Greenwald was scolding these guys for their hypocrisy. To use an old phrase - These guys talk the talk, but don't walk the walk. However, here's how Ace of Spades saw the column ...

Glenn Greenwald Calls Instapundit A Faggot

No, I'm not kidding. Cut through the torturous verbosity of Greewaldese -- which is similar to English, just not as vital or vigorous -- and you basically have Greenwald calling Reynolds a queer.

As he calls most men on the right. Some named -- Jonah Goldberg, Victor Davis Hansen, Joe Lieberman -- and the rest implied.


I really think that questioning others' masculinity is a game probably better left to people who haven't had more cock in and out of them than a Tyson Chicken regional distribution center.

First, the next time someone says the liberal blogosphere is mean, show them this post.

Second, Greenwald was calling them out for their hypocrisy. At no point did he question their sexuality. I find it interesting that Ace of Spades believes that if you're not macho, then you must be gay. I imagine a lot of people believed that, but then they graduated junior high and got a little more perspective on life.

Here's a newsflash Ace, just because someone is gay doesn't mean they aren't tough or macho. I'm willing to bet I can walk into any gay gym in Northwest DC and find several men who beat the living bejesus out of Rush, Jonah, VDH, Instapundit, and well, you. Stop watching Will and Grace, and live in the real world.

Oh, then there was this gem from Ace ...

Is Instapundit A Homo? Well, I think I met him three times or something, and he never tried to pork me. Given the fact I'm 180 pounds of rompin'-stompin' Clydesdale-clompin' 180 proof sex, I'd say he successfully passed that test.

Uh, Ace, not every gay man wants to "pork" you. Gay men can be discerning, and they don't want to sleep with every man. Just because Instapundit didn't want to "pork" you, that doesn't mean he isn't gay. I'd imagine most people don't want to "pork" a dim witted, juvenile, mental midget who's view of the world hasn't evolved since 7th grade. And you're also a conservative so I'm betting you're kind of ugly as well (Sorry, the left by and large is better looking, and that's a fact).

Finally, let me reinforce the point Greenwald was making. Too many conservatives like to talk tough, despite never having acted tough at all. We have a whole bunch of Republican chickenhawks, guys who supposedly believe in war, but did just about anything to get out of going to Viet Nam. That doesn't make them gay, Ace. It makes them hypocritical. In fact, if you read the paper these days, there are plenty of gay men who are actually willing to fight for their country, unlike Dick Cheney or Rush Limbaugh.

Enough is enough. There's a reason our own Cliff Schecter has a following. He's not letting you guys get away with the tough talk nonsense. He's been in your face, calling you on your bullshit. That's why I post here. I plan on exposing that hypocrisy, showing everyone that your tough talk is cheap. That doesn't mean I'm calling anyone a "faggot" Ace. But there are a lot of other names that do come to mind.


At 1:57 PM, Blogger Paddy said...

Who is T.R. Knight?

At 2:20 PM, Blogger gimmeabreak said...

Very nice, BC!

At 3:07 PM, Blogger BC said...

TR Knight is from Grey's Anatomy. There was the whole controversy about him being called a "faggot" by Isaiah Washington, who is no longer with the show

At 3:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"coservative author"
coservative, maybe (whatever that is).
author, that's a stretch.

From the Insty post Ace linked to:
"I don't pay much attention, generally, but I'm stuck in a car with nothing but Technorati for company"

I'm not how that works. How do you have access to the internet but only one page? or does 'stuck in a car' refer to pulling down Ace's pants?

At 6:19 PM, Blogger The Crater Lake Hermit said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 6:24 PM, Blogger The Crater Lake Hermit said...

I knew a gay ex-semipro football player who's favorite expression was; "There is only one thing I enjoy more than sucking a dick and that is beating the snot out of homophobe guys." I wish I could introduce him to Ace.


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