Monday, June 04, 2007

The Debates

So, I’m sitting at home right now – on break from work – watching the Democratic candidates expound their religious beliefs in front of a live TV audience on CNN. My cynical side tells me the whole affair is nothing but a cheap attempt to win those older, more conservative voters who attend church regularly in preparation for their imminent demise. The ones who usually vote Rep.

Go Barak, go. Tell me about how you’ve become so religious recently. After reading your first book about your roots, I felt relieved by your candidness on religion vs. spirituality. Then, after perusing your second novel – which spelled out your plan for the presidency – I was confused by the references to Him and His Name, and His Word. Even if I did enjoy what you said, I thought the change was dramatic. Is this what I’ll have to face, too, when I turn 40 someday?

John Edwards…what more can I say? Sometimes I like you and sometimes…I’m not so sure. Like last night, you proved during the debate that you did your homework on Iran and Pakistan. And I really enjoyed watching you attack Billary and Barak on Iraq, but I honestly think I prefer your wife more than you. Remember the debate in 2004 vs. Cheney….

And Hillary. You sounded and looked great. Right on message. But, Edwards is right: When will you admit you were wrong about Iraq. There’s nothing wrong with admitting you were wrong. Unless, of course, you were wrong. Oooh! You just came on TV to talk about faith. Tell us about your “moral responsibility.” I love it!

My heroes from last night? The spoilers. Thumbs up to Dennis Kucinich for pointing out how lame Wolf Blizter’s cheeky questions were, especially the one asking if the candidates would bomb Osama Yo Mama, even if it meant doing so would kill an unknown number of innocents. Remember, “You have 21 minutes to strike,” said Wolf. Kucinich: Thanks for reminding us that before Johnson, Nixon, and Kissinger we were once a somewhat moral nation. However, with what happened today at the International Court and the case against Charles Taylor, The Hague is in dire need of US involvement and leadership.

To Joe Biden. Your rant on Sudan was fantastic. Now, if only your suggestions could be actually employed. Your point about public financing of elections was poignant and true. I couldn’t agree with you more. Now, keep the rants coming!

To Bill Richardson. I still have no idea what you were trying to say. The answer you gave to the part-time teacher about the first thing you’d do as president was rich. With everything going on in this country, I’m glad you’d fix education first.

And lastly, to Mike Gravel. Scream it, brother! Fight those special interests.

Excited about tomorrow’s Rep debate? For all of their faults, at least the Dem debate discussed real issues, such as foreign policy, healthcare, and domestic affairs. However, nothing is more juicy than those crazy Reps and their concentration on abortion, gay marriage and all other sorts of social woes/issues/thingies that Reps hate/like/enjoy ruminating about. I know I’ll be watching.


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R debate...

BOMB, KILL, NO TAXES.... repeat....


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