Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Conservatives Want To Spend Billions More

According to a congressional study, the new immigration plan will cost $18 billion over the next decade. Allowing the illegal aliens to become citizens, the part that conservatives oppose, will generate $26 billion in revenue over the ten years, while tougher enforcement, the part the conservatives support, will cost $43 billion.

In other words, Republicans once again want to spend billions and oppose any attempt by the government to recoup losses. So the next time a Republican using the term "tax and spend Democrat" just remind them that they are just "borrow and spend" Republicans.

The analysis found that over the next decade, newly legalized immigrants and guest workers would generate $48 billion in additional tax and Social Security revenues, while using about $23 billion worth of tax credits and social services. Thus, the newly legal immigrant population would contribute a net of about $26 billion over the decade, the report said.

The increased border security and enforcement of tougher laws against employers who hire illegal immigrants, key elements of the compromise package, would cost about $43 billion during this 10-year period, the congressional study said. With the increased revenues generated by the legalized immigrants, the net cost to the federal Treasury would still be close to $18 billion.


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