Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gotta Love This...

Armed Forces Press Service announced yesterday that the Defense Department is blocking access to many popular Internet sites from department-owned computers due to "bandwidth issues." Sites include: youtube.com, pandora.com, photobucket.com, myspace.com, live365.com, hi5.com, metacafe.com, mtv.com, ifilm.com, blackplanet.com, stupidvideos.com and filecabi.com.

The popularity of the sites has not affected operations yet, but blocking them prevents them from causing such a problem, officials said . "It is a proactive measure: we do not want a problem with demand for these sites clogging the networks," a U.S. Strategic Command official said.

Didn't soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan already have to register their blogs? Some measures can be accepted in a war zone, but several reports show that many soldiers were using the sites to keep family and friends back home up-to-date, and not for political or military commentary (unlike this site -- but I "don't recall" whether or not we're writing this from a war zone).

Freedom of Speech. What part of the Constitution was that?