Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Latest Addition of "Excellent Emails I've Received!"

I'm quite convinced she digs me:

Hello my friend!!! I ask you read through this letter, to that probably it is your destiny. This letter I wish to begin that I searchfor the love and the man which can make me very happy. Probably it you my friend and then I ask you respond to this letter. I wish to tell to you about myself. My name is Elena and me of 29 years. I have light hair and I wish to tell to you my friend, that at me a charming smile which I wish to divide with you. Therefore I shall be very glad to that having received this letter you will have fine mood. I live in Russia. Tell to me about that where do you live my friend??? I search that only thing for the man which me will love and care of me. I very serious and vigorous woman, which else can give love to my only thing to the man. If you are interested in me and would like to look my pictures I ask to go you on my personal page and I hope, that you will love my pictures.

Please If you want have friendship with me you can write to me at mypersonal e-mail: I dream that I nevertheless shall meet my happiness. I do not lose hope to be happy and loves and I hope, what exactly from you my friend I shall receive the letter. I shall wait very much for your letter and as soon as I shall receive your letter I shall answer at once him and to send you the pictures. I ask you to not forget and write the my dear friend to me on my private e-mail. Sincerely yours Elena.
I mean what's not to love? She is more articulate than the Leader of the Free World, she seems to really have done her research in finding me, and anyone who speaks Russian couldn't be bad.

In any case, I thought about it, but as I am already married, I passed it on to BC.


At 7:22 PM, Anonymous Mary Ellen said...

Hi Cliff!

Gosh, I'm sorry I sent that to you, you must have gotten put into my mailing list. I also do that same schtick in French. Here ya go...

Bonjour mon ami ! ! ! Je te demande que lire par cette lettre, à cela que c'est probablement votre destin. Cette lettre que je souhaite commencer que searchfor d'I l'amour et l'homme qui peuvent me rendre très heureux. Il probablement vous mon ami et alors je te demande que répondre à cette lettre. Je souhaite te dire au sujet de me. Mon nom est Elena et moi de 29 ans. J'ai les cheveux légers et je souhaite te dire mon ami, celui à moi un sourire charmant ce que je souhaite diviser avec toi. Par conséquent je serai très heureux à cela ayant reçu cette lettre que vous aurez l'humeur fine. J'habite en Russie. Me dire à ce sujet là où vous de phase mon ami ? ? ? Je recherche cette seulement chose l'homme que j'aimera et soin de moi. I femme très sérieuse et vigoureuse, qui autrement peut donner l'amour à ma seulement chose à l'homme. Si vous êtes intéressé par moi et voudriez regarder mes images que je demande à aller vous à ma page personnelle et j'espère, cela vous aimerez mes images. Svp si vous voulez avoir l'amitié avec moi que vous pouvez m'écrire à l'E-mail de mypersonal : Je rêve qu'I néanmoins rencontrera mon bonheur. Je ne perds pas l'espoir d'être heureux et les amours et moi espérons, ce qui exactement de toi mon ami je recevra la lettre. J'attendrai infiniment votre lettre et dès que je recevrai votre lettre je lui répondrai immédiatement et t'enverrai les images. Je te demande de ne pas m'oublier et ne pas écrire le mon cher ami sur mon E-mail privé. Bien à vous Elena.

Don't worry, I wasn't looking for a real relationship, just sex. But, I understand you're married. Just forward my message (either language) to whomever you think you would want it. I prefer it not to be a Republican...they're repulsive in any language.


At 10:03 PM, Blogger GottaLaff said...

Cliffy, you are such a pushover. ME sent me that exact same letter, too. In Swedish.

I keep it under my pillow.

At 10:51 PM, Anonymous j said...

What???? You haven't responded to this poor girl, yet, Cliffie? SHE NEEDS YOU.

I'm sure your wife will understand how you have to take care of this poor woman in Russia who took such pains to find you. I mean, really.

At 12:51 AM, Anonymous Mary Ellen said...




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