Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Many thanks to Wonkette for discovering some info on my prosective BFF, Monica Goodling. Unfortunately, she already had BFFs when I was merely dreaming of meeting such a wholesome Fifth Amendment loving SWF like her while I was attending a real law school.

However, one key question was answered. Here daddy served as a mililary pilot in Vietnam and then for another tour of duty (kudos to him--we love our vets no matter what their children do). We all know that no one becomes a pilot to become rich--not even ex- Cong. Duke Cunningham who waited to accept bribes as a Congressman, which is much classier. Further, there is no indication that mommy was earning serious coin.

Circling back to the issue of who is paying Monica's legal bills, the answer has become slightly clearer in that her parents are probably not paying tens of thousands of dollars for her defense. After eliminating them, unless there is (1) a rich aunt or cousin somewhere; or (2) a legal defense fund that has not been brought to light, her attorney's fees are being paid for by......

This is particularly important to know because some of her fees were incurred while she was still a DOJ employee.


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